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need TTS surgery

Posted by Denise on 3/17/04 at 10:06 (147166)

Hi I have been diagnosed with TTS . I need surgery and I'm worried about recovery. I am a letter carrier and do n ot have much sick time as I used most on 4 knee surgeries and 1 achilles tendonitis surgery. Can I return to work o n light duty after 3 weeks at home? I;m sick of being in constant pain! any letter carriers out there please email me


Re: need TTS surgery

lauriel on 3/17/04 at 13:10 (147173)

denise see james c threads h is a mail carrier that just surgery

Re: need TTS surgery

William Wilt on 3/18/04 at 07:31 (147205)

denise i am a letter carrier and i'll tell you the job is gettinh harder and harder. dps, 3rd bundles, scan points delivery this insured that. did you file a claim as workers comp on a ca1 or ca2? what are your symptoms as i also have tts, but not had surgery. are u seeing a podiatrsit or foot and ankle othopedic? i also have hardly any sl. write back

Re: need TTS surgery

James C on 3/18/04 at 11:54 (147217)

Hi Denise
I am a carrier with tts in both feet as well as pf.I had surgery on my left foot 02/06/04 and I was told by my dr to stay at home for 8-12 weeks.I got mine to be declared work related so workers comp is paying me.I am going to start pt next week . That will be 6 weeks and after 3-6 weeks of pt on my left foot I will do my right foot if I am able to walk on my left foot.I cannot walk on mine right now without the help of a walking boot and crutches.I used 400 hours of sick leave before I tried to declare mine work related .I kept thinking that I would get better and I never did. I did work on a light duty status after they declared mine work related. The P.O. will have to find you light duty work if this can be declared work related.I would not push it going back to quick.I can barely get in and out of the shower so I could'nt imagine going back to the PO to try to do light duty work.Talk to your dr and tell him to send in a ca2 for you stating that this is work related BECAUSE IT IS!Good luck and I wish you well
James C

Re: need TTS surgery

James C on 3/18/04 at 12:12 (147219)

Hi William
I can relate to you with all of the extra work they have put on us it is a wonder that any mail carriers are able to walk I am in a small office in KY I had been hurting for the last couple of years and I thought I just had a stone bruise or something but it kept getting worse. Then the PO said that my route was'nt big enough so they added 45 more minutes of walking to my route. I have 650 possibles and some routes here have over a thousand possibles and they say they are 8 hour routes. Mine is all walking in the buisness area of town so I get alot of volume.After they added the extra walking to my routeI finally BROKE DOWN.There are 6 different mail carriers that I have talked to in the last month on this sight. One of them had to go out on total dissability bacuse his surgery did not help him.HE WAS ALSO APPROVED FOR WORKERS COMP. He and I are the only ones that I have talked to that are on Workers comp so I know it can be work related.Good luck
James C

Re: need TTS surgery

William Wilt on 3/18/04 at 19:09 (147244)

James c,

I'd like some advice on this tts being work relate since i am in a simalr boat that you were in. I have been using sick leave as i too thought and hoped this wouild get better, but it seems to be persistent and constant. i have been out of work on s/l for 4 months now and am close to exhausting it. i REQUESTED LIGHT DUTY TO THE POSTMASTER and he denied me. I too believe this is work related and when i brought this up tp my podiatrist he simply said to me' ITS HARD TO PROVE THAT THIS IS CAUSED BY YOUR JOB AND IF YOU HAD STEPPED OFF A STEP OR TURNED YOUR ANKLE THATS DIFFERENT , BUT TO PROVE IT AS COMING ON I WOULD HAVE TO GO TO COURT WITH KNOW KNOWN INCIDENT THAT CAUSED IT.' I almost hit the freaken roof when he asaid to me he would not help me as work related!!! I have a family with 2 young children and i walk 6 miles a day and he's telling me its hard to prove? I mean come on i don't run marathons after work, i walk them during workkk on my route. I have recenlty switched to another doctor to try and have him help me. I would like to know how long it took for you to get your CA2 approved? Do they make you wait and starve for months ? Also did you submit the medical and your employee narrative, along with the CA2 together at the same time? Does OWCP send you a letter if it is approved? Is a CA7(wage loss) filled out at the time of a CA2 or when it is approved? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm desparate here and had to tap my 401k for money. I know it shouldnt have to be like this , but i had no choice. I would appreciae any advice you could give me as i really am in pain constanly with tts. thanks

Re: need TTS surgery

James C on 3/19/04 at 08:32 (147288)

William ,My advise to you would be to take a ca2 to your dr and have him to say that this is work related it dosn't cost him nothing but a little time. T ell him that you walk 6 miles a day and that you know it is work related and that other mail carriers are getting it approved. I don't think the avg dr knows how hard it is to carry mail.I have had numerous dealings with inj comp at the p o becuse I 204-b for 7 years and I know how trying it can be. However I did not have any trouble with getting my claim done.It took a few weeks after the dr sent in my ca7 to get my letter of approval from DEPT OF LABOR.I have talked to several people at DOL and shared services with the PO and I know after talking to them that I was not the first to get this approved.I didi not file a ca7 because I did not have enough funds to buy back my 25% of leave that was required for buy back. I can relate to the two children I have a 16 and a12 year old both girls who want everything they were getting when I was working OT.I am getting 75% of my pay.Where I am going to be off for so long(another surgery coming soon)they have put me on a periodic pay(once a month).In trying to explain this to your dr tell him that you don't go out and walk 6 miles around a track the terrain you walk on is uneven as well as several stairsteps and that you are carring a satchel full of mail.I hope your pain gets some better with restI get to feeling better with rest and then I go do something as simple as going to church or to Wal mart and I'm done for the rest of the day I cannot stand on my feet for over 10 minutes without pain.I hope that my sugery will help me. I had TTS as well as partial pf release on my left foot and everyday I feel just a little better.Hang in there just keep hope.
James C

Re: need TTS surgery

James C on 3/19/04 at 08:35 (147289)

William I have a new email address (email removed)

Re: need TTS surgery

William Wilt on 3/19/04 at 14:36 (147333)

james c,

thanks for the advice, i plan to file a ca2 with the help of my doctor. Did you provide the doctor with a medical format so he/she could write your medical narrative? I never reported this to management as i just went out on my sick leave after this came on. Can i still be able to file this claim if it was never documented on paper 4 months ago??? Do you file the ca2 first with management then bring it to your doctor so you have proof of receipt of notice or take the entire ca2 with me to the doctor first then have him submit my medical narratinve to me. How does this work? Do you think or plan on carrying mail again? take care God will help you.

Re: need TTS surgery

James C on 3/22/04 at 13:31 (147520)

I would document the first time I was diagnosed with tts or pfand give this to your new dr.I would talk to your sup. and get a CA2 and tell him or her what you are doing.I would then take my CA2 to the dr and have him to send it to shared services and they will send it to D.O.L.
PITTSBURGH PA 15277-7099

I WOULD CALL 1-866 772 7723 and talk to someone in shared services first to see what they say about filling a claim they will help you through this.
I have beem carring for 15 years in a small level 20 office we have 5 city and 9 rural routes I wish I could get back out there to my route I miss my customers.As of right now it is not looking real good. I am about to go stir crazy in this house and I still have another foot to go through all this again .

See ya
James C