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Post ESWT pain

Posted by Jeanne M on 3/17/04 at 15:59 (147179)

I had ESWT on Friday 3/12 with the Dornier. In addition to having a horrendous reaction to the block (dizziness, nausea, facial numbness) I still can't fully weight bear. The pain is definitely more acute than before the treatment. I still have some bruising though the swelling is totally gone.

I am an athlete who is fit and not overweight. I have been elevating my foot as much as possible and only doing some gentle biking (indoors) and swimming.

Is this normal? It seems from the studies that some people are pain free post ESWT!! Are there other things I can be doing? I have powerstep inserts in all of my shoes and only go barefoot in the shower!!

I was so hopeful that eswt would give me the boost I needed to completely heal.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Re: Post ESWT pain

Dr. Z on 3/17/04 at 16:36 (147184)

I haven't seen anyone who can't bear weight post ESWT. Stop biking and don't go without shoes. If there continues and the entire heel is painful to the touch with swelling let your doctor know . May need an MRI. Could have a stress fracture. I have never seen a stress fracture post eswt with the dornier Keep us updated. ICE ICE ICE for the next day

Re: Post ESWT pain

Carlos N. on 3/17/04 at 16:40 (147186)


I'm so sorry to hear about your post-ESWT procedure. I have not had ESWT but I am considering it for my chronic PF. You might want to give it a few more weeks since some patients recovery is slower than others. Continue with stretching, icing, night splints, powersteps, etc. However, I would call your doctor that performed the ESWT about the symptoms you've developed. It doesn't sound typical of post-ESWT.

May I ask where you had the procedure done?

Also, please continue posting updates on your recovery over the next few months. It helps all of us who are living with PF and it can help you understand your problem and possible solutions.


Re: Post ESWT pain

dr ben pearl on 3/18/04 at 22:14 (147258)

I have a patient that responded very well after eswt using z-coil shoes
She had signifigant pain reduction after little if any response 1month
after the procedure without the shoes.

Re: Post ESWT pain

RUTH C on 3/21/04 at 13:06 (147468)

I had the ESWT procedure on 3/16/04 at my podiatrist's office. The pain in my heel is still pretty bad after four days of ice,rest,no bear foot walking and use of a cane during my limited forays around the house. Doctor also precribed a scrip for pain.

I check in with him tomorrow but have a few concerns about returning to work. So glad my daughter found this web site as I was pretty discouraged until I realized others were having the same post ESWT pain.

Think we have to give it a chance. The technician who brought the machine said positive results can take up to three to six months.

Re: Post ESWT pain

Dr. Z on 3/21/04 at 13:58 (147470)

Not knowing the specifics of your case I will still try to advice you. Heat is the key not ice. Is the pain the same or worse then before ESWT treatment?