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can chiro. care heal heel spurs

Posted by connie a on 3/18/04 at 19:40 (147247)

I heard that chiro. care can heal heel spurs, is that true?
I have had cort. shots 2yrs. ago and now it's time again,but I don't wanna have to keep doing this.. can you help. connie thanks

Re: can chiro. care heal heel spurs

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/18/04 at 23:19 (147270)

Please read the Heel Pain Book on this site so you understand what the treatment is for your condition. A chiropractor could help if he can offer you some of the treatments discussed although treatment of PF would be a sideline for most in that profession. I would go to a chiropractor for back and neck care and a podiatrist for foot care.