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Dr. Z --- anodyne therapy

Posted by Scott R on 3/21/04 at 08:02 (147443)

Dr Z, i am looking into light-therapy. I've poo-pooed it in the past, but now it looks like there's something to it. If the diodes aren't too expensive, i might make one. They want $2,000 for one. Red light for faster wound healing. Near-infrared for nitric oxide relase to increase blood flow. $40 to $100 per treatment, 12 treatments, 3 per week at 1,000 places nationwide, or $300(??) to rent. Used by navy seals. FDA approved(?) for nueropathy.

Decreased inflammation of wound and surrounding tissue
Reduced edema
Improvement of the ulcer granular base
Improvement of the quality of surrounding tissue of the wound
Faster rate of healing of the wound
Improvement of the quality of the healed remodeled tissue

Similar to other procedures, reimbursement for the use of the Anodyne Therapy System (ATS treatment depends on what ails your patient. Although there is no specific code for the treatment, your clinic can get paid for this service if you combine it with another code.
The course of treatment is typically one hour per treatment session, three times a week, for 12 to 16 treatments. Each billing session runs $97, according to Craig Turtzo, president of Anodyne Therapy, LLC, in Tampa, FL.

Bill for the therapeutic activity your patient needs, such as the following CPT codes:

97110 Strengthening, range of motion, flexibility
97112 Neuromuscular reeducation-movement balance, proprioception
97113 Aquatic therapy
97116 Gait training
97530 Therapeutic activities
97533 Sensory integrative techniques

Or, you can bill one of the following codes for simply using ATS:

97026 For infrared treatment
97039 Unlisted physical modality

Re: Dr. Z --- anodyne therapy

Dr. Z on 3/21/04 at 08:42 (147445)

I know that is very popular for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. I don't have much experience with its use. I have one colleague who swears by it for DM neuropathy. If you want me to put you in contact with him just let me know. He has had the machine for a few years

Re: Dr. Z --- anodyne therapy

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/22/04 at 17:53 (147537)

Scott and Dr. Z:
Mixed results on this. Appears to be helpful in diabetic neuropathy (although other and potentially better things exist). It appears that if the neuropathy involves small nerves close to the surface of the skin as in diabetic neuropathy, the modality is more effective. Does not work on TTS.