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dorsal bunion

Posted by Harriet R. on 3/21/04 at 08:29 (147444)

Is there any treatment or meds.that can be done.or taken.to alleviate the pain..?

Re: dorsal bunion

Dr. Z on 3/21/04 at 08:45 (147446)

A local steriod injection can reduce the swelling and pain but this is usually very temporary. A deep toe box can give you more room. May need to eventually have this removed. If the joint is healthy and the there is only a dorsal spur then miminial incision surgery which is alot less trauma that open exposure of the joint could be indicated

Re: dorsal bunion

wendyn on 3/21/04 at 10:20 (147461)

I had mine operated on 12 year ago...but it's back - along with another one on my other foot.


Re: dorsal bunion

Mar on 3/22/04 at 13:23 (147518)

Try the temporary measures first and change shoes. I had mine operated on 3 years ago and I cannot walk on it at all without a lot of pain. Conservative measures are worth a try. Mar