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Posted by john h on 3/21/04 at 09:38 (147456)

I have used Thorlo socks for a long time. I recently swithched to the Thorlo Walking Cool Max type. I really like these much better than my previous sock. The material is 75% Coolmax, part spandax and cotton. The bottoms have extra padding. The top is reinforced to help prevent the unthreading. These are really nice socks. They come in both the mini anklet and regular sock or if you are the school girl type they come in knee high.

Re: Socks

Pam S. on 3/22/04 at 16:29 (147531)

Hi John:
I posted a message to you about night splints below if you can see it??

How is your kitty??

Are you still taking the Neurontin

I LOVE Thorlo socks of any kind and will not wear anything else on my picky feet!!!!! thanks pam

Re: Socks

john h on 3/22/04 at 18:09 (147540)

Pam: I ended up only taking 2 neurotin tablets. I felt like I had two double martinis. I have a drawer full of the med. If my pain level should get high enough I might give it a real go but at the moment I am not in that much pain. I will pick up my kitty tomorrow. Thanks for inquiring. I cannot imagine a cat with such small bones with screws and a pin in his leg. I sure have to keep him confined.