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Posted by Pete on 3/21/04 at 09:44 (147457)

MRI scan has shown I have:

1. A fusion between the calcaneal and Talus in my right foot

2. A 'foreign body' probably cartlidge between the calcaneal and navicular close to the tarsal tunnel on the left foot.

Surgery is recommended. Is this risky, what is the recovery time and usual success rate ?


Re: Re:Sorry I meant Coalition

Pete on 3/21/04 at 09:46 (147458)


Re: Oalition

AmyM on 3/22/04 at 13:39 (147523)

Hi Pete

Sorry your foot pain hasn't got any better, at least it sounds like they've found something 'treatable'. Do you think you'll go with the surgery? Did you get the MRI on the NHS?


Re: Amy M

Peter on 3/23/04 at 08:13 (147584)

Thanks Amy.

MRI was done privately at a cost of £900.I'm seeing my pod next week to look at the options but assuming the risks are minimal they I'll go with the surgery. Slight reservations that 2 radiologists before didn't pick this up, so you really start to wonder who is right and who is wrong. That said I'm that fed up I'll try anything.

To make matters worse I've just been made redundant so while I'm off I won't have any £ coming in. Just my luck.

How are you ?


Re: Amy M

AmyM on 3/29/04 at 09:52 (148048)

Ugh, I don't have words to describe the way the NHS treats foot pain. I suppose the £900 was worth it to get a diagnosis, but like you say if 2 radiologists didn't pick anything up, it is a bit worrying. Then again, its like anything else and it depends on how experienced the person looking at the scans is. Good luck with the job hunting, its not easy...

My feet are no better or worse than they've been. Still don't like to stand or walk much. I tried to go to my new GP (I've moved) and ask for a referal to a podiatrist for new inserts. He never looked at my feet, just told me to buy some in Boots. So I explained that I'd tried that and would appreciate a referal. Anyway, he ended up doing me a favour, sent me to an orthotics guy at the local disablement services centre. Hurrah! They have a seprate budget to the rest of the trust, you can visit as often as you need to get adjustments, you DON'T need a referral from your GP (once you're on their books) and they accept you'll have a problem for life. So, the upshot is I'm getting some custom orthotics and possibly some custom shoes (classy(!)) and we'll see how it goes.

HAve you seen your pod yet? Any joy?