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3 days post-surgery

Posted by chrisb on 3/21/04 at 10:41 (147463)

Hi folks. I thought I just posted this but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. Apologies if you get it twice.

I had surgery with Dr. Dellon on Thursday in Baltimore. Claire FYI I'd had an MRI last year that showed no particular obstruction in the tunnel. Dr D found 4 calcaneal nerves (most people have 2) in tight tunnels, and he feels his release will fix my problem. It will be weeks before I'll know for sure, when I can try to walk without canes and crutches, and my fingers are crossed.
After the general and local wore off on the day of surgery I had no real pain to speak of, as long as I kept my foot elevated. I could feel a stinging in the incision when I put my foot down but even that wasn't too bad. As a result I haven;t needed the big horsepill painkillers they gave me. This may be due in large part to the skill of this particular surgeon. He has me in a big soft bandage, not a cast, and I'm using a walker for the exciting highlight of my sofa-bound days: the bathroom visit! He wants me to put a little weight on the foot already using the walker.

Yesterday though (2nd post-surgery day) I awoke to a major pain in my big toe joint. As if my foot was squeezed into a too-tight shoe. This morning it got me up at 5am with serious toe pain. I began to wonder if it was some kind of plantar nerve wakeup call. ThenI cut away a bit of the bandage around the toe and found my toes swollen and big toe joint swollen and inflamed. So the culprit is swelling. This despite the leg having been constantly elevated.

At the hopital they didn't say anything about using anti-inflammatories. I assume the Roxicet they gave me is mainly for pain, not inflammation. So I chomped a 200 mg Advil two hours ago and it has helped a small bit. ADVIL IS OK ISN'T IT? HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH TO TAKE? I intend to chow down on ibuprofen if it will get this swelling under control. What would the rest of you post-surg pros recommend?

Thats about it so far.
On the sofa with a laptop and a pile of books.
per ardua ad astra.

Re: 3 days post-surgery

Terri on 3/21/04 at 16:46 (147480)

Chris, good to hear from you after your surgery and happy to see you're doing so well. Just remember not to push it and listen to the dr.

I didn't take any anti-inflammatories, just kept ice on it regularly. Still had swelling but that's normal. Even now, I will swell if I'm on it too much 3 months post-surgery. I didn't see above where you are using ice....are you?

Good luck and will talk again soon. Enjoy your books! :-)

Re: 3 days post-surgery

L on 3/21/04 at 18:06 (147483)

Wow, I can't believe you are putting weight on your foot already. I wasn't allowed to put weight on mine for 5 weeks and even then it was only in the Cam Walker.

Re: Chris, great to hear from you!

Elaine T on 3/21/04 at 19:21 (147488)

Swelling is a given, and I believe using ice for the first 48 hours made a tremendous difference. I would not take any medication, even over the counter, without approval from your surgeon. I had no anti-inflammatory, and don't think I needed it. I have had pretty much a pain-free surgery.

Tomorrow will be two weeks for me, and my first visit to the doctor. I have not put any weight on that foot, and am so jealous that you get to. I assume I'll get my splint off and begin weight-bearing tomorrow.

My laptop, DVD's, magazines and pets have saved my sanity. It gets pretty boring only being able to visit the bathroom.

Re: Chris, great to hear from you!

chrisb on 3/22/04 at 10:04 (147502)

I haven't been using ice - ite pretty near impossible with this whacking thick bandage on my foot. I tried to get a gelpak near my toes yesterday but not much luck. But I did get an email from my surgeon ok'ing Advil, so I did a few last night and this morning the swelling has gone down to quite tolerable. My toes still redden when my foot is down but toes are no longer painful.

On the weight-bearing thing -- if I understand Dr Dellon correctly he feels it helps avoid nerve adhesion and keeps the nerves sliding a bit.

Elaine I sympathise about your boredom. Its the bedsores I'm looking forward to. Are there such things as sofa sores? Mine will be blue corduroy.

Re: Chris, great to hear from you!

Elaine T on 3/22/04 at 10:41 (147504)

Hey Chris - I put a sheet on the part of the sofa I've confined myself to, so I haven't gotten any sores!! Mine would be hunter green chenille.

Try not to put your foot down at all, if you can avoid it.

Can't wait to see my surgeon this afternoon, and get this &*#@$ off of my lower leg.

Re: Chris, great to hear from you!

lauriel on 3/22/04 at 16:16 (147528)

Chris, My toes really swelled up about 4 days after surgery and black and blue, My Dr told me to stay off and keep elevated as muc as possible. (above the heart) and ice, I had a big bandage too but they said it would help glad to hear why Dr D recommends walking almost immeditately after surgery, and his aggressive approach to healing. I always wondered the logic behind that since most if not all other Drs recommend non weight bearing for 4 weeks.

good luck!

Re: Chris, great to hear from you!

chrisb on 3/23/04 at 08:32 (147591)

Laurie how long were your toes like that? I seem to be ok now as long as my foot is continuously elevated. No more ibuprofen. But as soon as I put my foot down the toes turn dark red immediately and I can feel the whole foot and incision swelling inside the bandage. Lovely. For how long does this delightful state of affairs go on?

My local doc is planning to remove my big bandage in 2 days and at this rate I don't like the idea of lowering my foot to get to his office.


Re: Chris, great to hear from you!

lauriel on 3/23/04 at 12:17 (147617)

Chris, I kept my foot elevated for a about 3 more days. I think what happened in my case too was my foot swelled and the bandages were too tight cutting off the circulation. Sounds like that may be happening. The Dr just told me to keep it elevated as much as possible. and stay off of it. you are lucky to get your bandages off so soon. mine were on 4 weeks. and OMG what a relief when they came off.