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tennis shoes post-Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

Posted by DonnaO on 3/22/04 at 18:39 (147542)

I had Tarsal Tunnel Release Surgery (both feet) on February 13, 2004. My recovery so far has gone smoothly. My feet were put in walking boots right after surgery and I have been instructed to gradually put more weight on them. I now only use the walker when I need to leave the house for extra support.
When I saw my doctor for my 5th week post op visit a few days ago, he felt positive about the recovery and instructed me to gradually wean myself away from the boots by walking in tennis shoes with the walker around the house to help get back to my normal walking gait. The rest of the time, he still wants me to wear the boots (i.e. outside, etc.)
He reccommended New Balance walking/running shoes and that I buy a new pair without pressure points. He reccommended Sneaker Shop, Inc. because the owner is knowledgable about what shoes are best for different foot problems and the price is reasonable.
After trying and walking around in them, I purchased a pair of New Balance 717GY Running Shoes. The owner said that I can try them for a week inside the house and return them if I Have any problems.
The more I walked around in them at home, I noticed they started to conform more to my feet. The problem is that even though I lace the shoes very lightly, the top of the shoe feels snug around the inner ankle that is swollen from my surgery. The shoe fits but I feel I may be walking toward the outside of my foot to avoid pressure on the inner ankle. Is what I am experiencing normal because my feet are getting used to shoes again and walking with a normal gait after 5 weeks of being in a boot? Should I keep trying the shoes for a few more days to see if it improves or will it make the recovery worse? Any suggestions or experiences would be helpful. Thanks.

Re: tennis shoes post-Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/22/04 at 19:16 (147547)

Running shoes are generally a good option but the area over the tarsal tunnel may have enough swelling to cause the heel counter to rub the area -- if so, you may need to set them aside for a while and use a good clog, eg. Birkenstock clog which gives support but leaves the heel open.
Also, support hose may be helpful to control the swelling better. Excess swelling can cause scar tissue so we encourage as good control of the swelling as possible.

Re: tennis shoes post-Tarsal Tunnel Surgery

DonnaO on 3/22/04 at 19:27 (147552)

Thanks for your post. Your tips were very helpful. I will try that. I will keep you posted on my progress.