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having EWST next week (3/30)

Posted by Tricia H on 3/23/04 at 14:36 (147624)

I've been suffering with PF for 8 months - overuse running injury. Mine has not been traditional - don't have any pain when walking in the morning, and the injury is at the spot that the arch & heal meet, inside of the foot. (spots 56, 57, 58 59, 63 on this chart http://www.geocities.com/CLCinNOLA/footpain.html)

My treatment thus far has been cami walker 2 1/2 months; physical therapy; acupuncture; orthotics, one cortisone shot (which made it worse). What improvement can I expect? From what I've read on here, my injury may not respond to this.

Help!! This injury is causing such a depression for me - I've had to cancel out of 2 marathons already.


Re: having EWST next week (3/30)

Mandy G. on 3/23/04 at 16:05 (147631)

I am a Flight Attendant and on my feet all the time. Had EWST last Oct. and it was a success! It took a good 6-8 weeks to feel full recovery so don't be impatient. Make sure they get the entire area that is affected. You should stay off of your foot as much as possible after the surgery- crutches etc. I was on crutches for 4-5 days after and then lite walking for 2 weeks. Good Luck!

Re: having EWST next week (3/30)-chart now included

Tricia H on 3/23/04 at 16:35 (147634)


Re: having EWST next week (3/30)

goose on 3/23/04 at 16:36 (147635)


You case sounds just like mine! While training for a marathon, got hurt in one day after running 20 miles. Had to cancel two marathons too! No first step pain just intense lower arch ache and burning pain. It will be one year next week since I got hurt. Haven't been able to do anything since, only swim, not even bike. I have tried everything-had ESWT in December with no luck. I will have it again this spring. It is very frustrating but I'm not giving up hope- I have just accepted that it might be another 6 months before I can walk longer distances, I must wear tennies, tape, night splint, and take it easy. At least I'm otherwise healthy and can walk.

Hope you have better luck with ESWT!! It does happen!

Re: having EWST next week (3/30)

Tricia H on 3/24/04 at 09:37 (147662)

Thanks Goose - this is so frustrating. Sorry the ESWT didn't work for you. I've at least gotten somewhat better through all of this, just not enough to run or do a lot of walking. one thing you may try, which did seem to help me a bit, was the acupuncture. It brought the healing up a bit. Worth a try. Good luck!

Re: having EWST next week (3/30)

Carlos N. on 3/24/04 at 11:03 (147667)


I hope you have a successful ESWT for your PF. As for acupuncture I've been doing it too for the past four weeks. It has helped me manage my pain and I can now sleep an entire evening without pain. However, I still have that burning aching feeling all day long.

Make sure and report back on your recovery. I'm rooting for you.


Re: having EWST next week (3/30)

Robert J on 3/24/04 at 15:59 (147688)

Goose and Tricia,

Add me to your club! I'm also a runner, or was, until PF struck two years ago. And like you, my PF is the atypical variety: no first-step pain, and burning pain in the arch as well as the insertion point. I am becoming convinced that this form of PF is significantly different from classic PF. It behaves differently and seems to require different remedies. If you have been reading this board for a while, you may have noticed Dr.Z's suggestions that RFL and nerve blocks may help cases like ours. I have not tried either but would like to know more. As you continue to try different approaches, please stay in touch thru the message board, or you can e-mail me at (email removed). This injury is driving me crazy, is depriving me of my life, and I'm determined to find some way to get past it. Perhaps we could help each other achieve that.

Robert Jones

Re: what is rfl?

Tricia H on 3/25/04 at 07:32 (147730)


What is RFL? I am definitely going through with the EWST, although I am sceptical as to what relief it will provide. My Pod says I should see about 50% improvement, which is fine for me. I had just started running when it got 're-injured' (not nearly as bad as the first time, but enough to make me endure a very painful cortisone shot). I am having the treatment next week (as luck would have it, my foot feels good right now - I walked 1 mile yesterday with little discomfort).

Did you try acupuncture? That really did help me. And although my orthotics are taking getting used to, they are helping relieve the stress on the arch (she has them built up in that spot).

Will definitely keep you informed.

Re: what is rfl?

monte on 3/25/04 at 08:20 (147734)

I wrote alot about RFL in the past. I had it performed a few times by Dr Cozzarelli in NJ. He is great. The procedure attempts to deaden nerve endings where you have pin point pain. If you press into your heel and find a pain spot, you mark it with ink and keep doing that for about 2 weeks to make sure you have the right spots. Then the doctor (while you are asleep) inserts a needle into the spot (guided by xray and sonogram) and when it is in a sensory area, it is heated up to 180 degrees to cortarize the nerve endes in that small area. IT DOES NOT KILL YOUR NERVE...just the endings.

I has helped me and I intend on doing it again and again until I am comfortable....not painfree, but comfortable.

Contact me at (email removed) to chat


Re: what is rfl?

Robert J on 3/25/04 at 10:19 (147747)


Yes, please let us know about the outcome of the ESWT. I believe there are some attempts now to direct the ESWT treatment towards the arch area as well as the insertional area in cases where people have arch pain. You can do a search of these message boards -- try 'ESWT, atypical' or variations on that-- and get an update. No, I have not tried acupuncture yet but I am looking into it. As for orthotics, I have had an up-and-down relationship with them. I now have three pairs of custom orthotics. Some days they seem to help, some days they seem to make the situation worse. Last year, when I had a long recovery period, I ditched them all together and seemed to do better without them. Again, I wonder if people with atypical PF tend to respond poorly to orthotics. I don't know.

Congratulations on being able to walk a mile. That's my goal, too, but I'm not there yet.