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TTS surgery

Posted by William Wilt on 3/24/04 at 16:01 (147690)


my ortho wants to 'free' up the nerve for surgry and I have no tinels sign, no numbness or tingling just inner ankle pain. I had an mri which shows tenosynovitis of the tarsal tunnel tendons, but no mass or occupying lesion. He said surgery is 50/50% success. I am not sure whether to live with it or get sliced open. he said hte incision would be pretty big. I'm only 33 and am not a gambler with odds like that. Any advice would be appreciated on people who have had the surgery to free up the nerve. thanks

Re: TTS surgery

chrisb on 3/24/04 at 21:36 (147708)

William I've been where you are, with no Tinel sign or numbness, just (in my case) heel pain that has kept me on cane or crutches for much of the past 3.5 years. At first it seemed like PF was the problem, and I tried all conservative measures, even ESWT. When I finally got diagnosed with TTS, the doc was 90% sure surgery will fix my problem. You've been given much lower odds.

It might be a good idea to seek a 2nd or 3rd opinion before you go further. Have you had a nerve conduction test?

Re: TTS surgery

William Wilt on 3/25/04 at 06:43 (147725)


no i have not had a nerve test, but my doctor wants to schedule me one with a neurologist. However i have a problem, because i have to wait to schedule this as it may be for workers comp and i am currently using my own insurance , but doc said i could run into problems as far as who pays for the nerve test. if i continue with my insurance and it proves to be work related then my insurance company will fight to have OWCP pay for it. Or he said i might get stuck paying the bill. I really do not want surgery anyways, so i woonder the purpose of really getting the test.

Re: TTS surgery

Mandy M on 3/26/04 at 13:40 (147855)

What are you symptoms? I had tarsal tunnel surgery 3 days ago, and going in the doctor told me my odds of fixing the problem might not be great. I did not have tinels sign, and a lot of my pain was on the outside of my foot and on my inner ankle. Also, I had the nerve conduction study done and my results were inconclusive. I am young also(17) and didnt really want to take the risk, my doctor is very glad I had the surgery..I had very thick tissue around my muscle in my arch (shown on MRI), and because of that my nerve and artery were impinged. He released the nerve in surgery, and said that I should start to see a dramatic improvement. I dont know if you're in the same situation, but I think that since you're young you should consider fixing the problem before it gets worse. Thats what the doctor told me, and I had a hard time deciding whether to have the surgery or not, but I'm really glad I did. Hope this helps!

Re: TTS surgery

James C on 3/28/04 at 21:28 (148024)

If you get ok through workers comp then they will pay your bill .All you have to do is tell the dr that done the nerve test to send it in to workers comp and when they get thier money they can reimburse your insurance company. I had to go through this with my mri and it can take awhile but I would go on and have the test done.
James C