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Running after ESWT

Posted by Mike C. on 3/24/04 at 16:18 (147691)

I had ESWT from a Dornier machine in July of 2003. Before that I had tried everything including one cortisone shot. Before this I was a highly competitive runner and ran 60 miles/week at around 6:30 per mile pace. I haven't run for over 2 years as of now. I don't really have much 1st step pain, and I stretch my calf muscle at least 2 times a day and sleep in a night splint. My Dr. has just recommended that I start trying to run again. Is this a wise decision. My plan is to start running everyother day starting with 1 minute, and continuing up to 25 minutes by adding 30 seconds to the run every time I run. If i experience some mild discomfort at night after the runs, is it ok to continue with this program and hope that this discomfort is just the tissues that haven't been used in the longest time loosening up, or would that just be stupid and I should stop running and start considering surgery?

thanks for your help.

Re: Running after ESWT

Dr. Z on 3/24/04 at 17:18 (147695)


Do you have any type of heel pain now? What kind of cross training have you been doing since the ESWT treatment back in July 2003?

Re: Running after ESWT

Mike C. on 3/24/04 at 19:12 (147700)

Now I basically have a dull ache every now and then. Sometimes when I'm walking and sometimes when I'm just sitting there it starts up. I have been doing no cross training, as I wanted to take it as easy as possible on my feet in hopes the ESWT would work.