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Z coil shoes

Posted by Bob S on 3/24/04 at 23:05 (147718)

Can someone please give me a ballpark figure for the cost of any of the z coil shoes?

Re: Z coil shoes

Carlos N. on 3/26/04 at 12:10 (147835)


I think they start off at around $150 and up.


Re: Z coil shoes

Tim M on 3/27/04 at 14:43 (147967)

The Freedom 2000 cross-trainer-type shoe is $160.
The Desert Hiking boot is $180.
The 7' Z-Duty work boot is $250.

-- Tim

Re: Z coil shoes

Hank B. on 4/25/04 at 23:58 (149541)

Does anyone out there know how to purchase Z-coil shoes???
I've gone to more than a half dozen websites advertising Z-coil shoes, but not one of them supplies any info on how or where to buy them.
Is it possible to find out where the nearest outlet store would be?
Why doesn't any websites provide this information????

Re: Z coil shoes

Tim M on 4/26/04 at 15:53 (149578)

Hank B:

Go to:

You can click on your state on the map and find out where all the stores are.

Tim M.