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Tarsal tunnel surgery

Posted by Barbara L. on 3/25/04 at 12:29 (147761)

I have been dealing with the pain of TTS for 4 plus years! Having had 3 sets of custom orthotics, many cortisone injections, a neurological testing (with needles)all for naught. The shots had helped me to manage the pain, but not enough. My MD tells me I have no arthritis. My pediatrist tells me I have an usually hihg arch. I am not a young person(66) but am very active (or try to be) and don't know if I can endure the recovery time and having no guarantee that it will be successful, also deters me. I am overweight (30lbs) as a result of giving up smoking, and am currently dieting. Any advice or enlightenment you can offer, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Tarsal tunnel surgery

john king on 3/25/04 at 15:10 (147776)

My advice is don't have the surgery. The recovery could last a year. Think how your weight will increase if you are inactive for a year. This will only make the feet problems worse. Do what ever you can to lose the weight before you even consider getting your feet operated on. I am not a doctor but have you seen some of the scars on the feet of TTS victims. My pod told me TTS is a rare and unusual syndrome. I think it must be a money maker because it is being diagnosed so often. Sometimes your feet just hurt!

Re: Tarsal tunnel surgery

JudyB on 3/25/04 at 17:46 (147793)

There is no reason to live in constant pain, unless there are no other options.