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12 weeks and still in surgical shoe

Posted by Jeff H. on 3/25/04 at 12:56 (147765)

Very disappointed and would like to know if others have had the same experience.
My foot is still changing colors from white to red to purple to blue.
My foot is always freezing even though I still elevate it.
I cannot tolerate even lukewarm water on my foot.
Most of the time my foot is burning.
Touching near or around the surgical site causes shooting pain as well as everytime moving foot back and forth.
Can barely touch my foot without immense pain.
Have to wear special socks because cannot stand the feel of certain materials touching my foot.
Walking on the heel of my foot is like stepping on a dagger. With TENS unit on, feels like sharp rock.
My four little toes are numb quite often.
Sleep is almost non-existent as I feel like fireworks are going off inside my foot.
As with some of you, I was told I would be off work 6 - 8 weeks.
I would have at least thought I would be wearing a regular shoe. I can't even wear a mule-type shoe because of balance issues.
It is really getting depressing. I am also gaining weight because of really reduced activity and quitting smoking before surgery.
If you have experienced the above symptoms, could you please tell me the path your physician took to get you out of pain.

Re: 12 weeks and still in surgical shoe

Elaine T on 3/25/04 at 13:09 (147768)

I've had RSD, and that sounds exactly like what you're experiencing. Every single symptom you've described is what I had with RSD. If your doctor doesn't have any experience with this condition, I would find someone who does right away.

Re: 12 weeks and still in surgical shoe

Dr. Z on 3/25/04 at 15:51 (147783)

That was exactly my initial thoughts when reading this post. GET to an experienced doctor asap . RSD must be treated early

Re: Jeff - would you let us know what's going on?

Elaine T on 3/27/04 at 19:23 (147978)

I'm really concerned about your condition