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trying new orthotics

Posted by elliott on 3/25/04 at 15:33 (147781)

At risk of violating the multiple posting rule, since this does have to do with TTS also, please check out my post on the orthotics board:



Re: trying new orthotics

Dr. Z on 3/25/04 at 17:18 (147789)

What was the reason for this specific orthosis being used.?? Would you explain what the biomechanical reason for your medial column pain.? Glad these device are working. Solo labs is an excellent podiatric orthosis lab. Good device!!!

Re: trying new orthotics

elliott on 3/26/04 at 08:35 (147814)

Dr. Z, the pod said the first pair I had was too hard and so did not allow the medial side of the foot to come down enough. What was the reason for my medial column pain? Well, that's what all the docs are arguing about. You want to hear the whole story? It's very long, ranging from flatfoot progression to iatrogenic causes.