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How are you doing Elaine?

Posted by JudyB on 3/26/04 at 00:17 (147799)

Would like to hear an update.

Re: I'm doing great!!!!

Elaine T on 3/26/04 at 10:53 (147825)

Thanks for asking. I'm amazed at how well I can walk, so soon. I'm doing my flexing, and the ankle moves really well. On Monday I can remove the Ace bandage, and then I have to begin exercises that he gave me; and my first shower in three weeks will be a dream!

As far as the TTS symptoms, well he said that it will be months before I know. Apparently I needed work done on three nerve bundles in the ankle and down into my foot. He told me that nerve regeneration is a very, very slow process, and not to expect to know if this worked for a long time.

But for now, I'm so happy to be walking.

Re: I'm doing great!!!!

JudyB on 3/26/04 at 13:13 (147845)

Thanks Elaine.

I guess to play devils advocate here for a minute. What is the surgery didn't work, what is the next step then? I've been trying to find out if a second surgery can produce any significance.

Re: Hmmm

Elaine T on 3/26/04 at 13:31 (147850)

You know, I can't let myself go there just yet. Right now I'm concentrating on healing, and hoping that it worked. My surgeon never made me any promises, and I trust him. I've had more than a few surgeries in my life, and I know how important is to just take this day by day for now.

Re: Hmmm

chrisb on 3/26/04 at 17:37 (147888)

Elaine its great that you're starting to walk. Congratulations. Is that with crutches or without?
I notice you say you're flexing the ankle. Do you still have your stitches in? I've been told not to flex my ankle. My stitches will be in for 3 weeks total.

Re: Hmmm

Elaine T on 3/26/04 at 19:00 (147892)

My stitches came out Monday; two weeks after surgery. I'm walking on my own; it was shaky for two days, but now I'm walking pretty good. Slowly, but walking. My ankle is wrapped in an ace bandage over cotton. I was only told to start flexing when the stitches came out to prevent scar tissue from forming.