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cold feet and legs

Posted by nabila A on 3/26/04 at 07:41 (147804)

Hello again
if you dont remember me
PF 3 Yrs
Patella femeral S 12mths
Achilles tendonitus 18mths
Now quite bad hip pain
Last night my feet and legs were freezing cold and it took me about 90 mins to get them warmed in bed with socks on and with the duvet, and Ive been noticing cold feet for a little while now. any suggestion WHY? or how to help please THanks for your time

Re: cold feet and legs

Kathy G on 3/26/04 at 13:36 (147852)


I'm not a doctor and hopefully one of them will respond to you but have you discussed this with your doctor? You may want to rule out any circulatory issues or any conditions such as Raynaud's Syndrome. I have the latter and I always have cold feet and cold hands. It's not usually considered a serious condition, just a very annoying one. I wear gloves very early in the fall and very late into the spring. And I just cover my feet with a blanket when I'm sitting down, especially at night if I'm wearing slippers. You'll learn to accommodate if it's Raynaud's.

I'm sorry to hear that you're still having pain.

Re: cold feet and legs

nabila A on 3/26/04 at 13:40 (147856)

I have never heard of Raynaud's Syndrome what is it and what are the symptoms? Have you got PF also?

Re: Do a search in google

Steve G on 3/26/04 at 13:56 (147863)

Do a search and you will find plenty of information on Raynauds - symptoms, treatments, etc

Re: Do a search in google

nabila A on 3/26/04 at 13:59 (147865)

Thanks I just have but I dont recognize many symptoms with myself so hopefully I havent got that. If any one els has any ideas I would be grateful of the help. Thanks to all who reply to me it is greatly appreciated. I am having such a bad time with my feet etc, it is nice to get info off people.

Re: Do a search in google

Barbara N. on 3/31/04 at 19:22 (148216)

Are you a dibetic if so that often happens I have that same problem my legs and feet get cold at a little of nothing.The Dr.has told me it has to do with poor circulation in the legs and the diabetis which I keep totally under controll.They also told me it has to do with change of life.Low minerals and vitamens.I'm not a Dr.so you really need to follow what ever they tell you hope one will answer you soon