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tarsal tunnel surgery

Posted by Rhonda Wright on 3/26/04 at 16:28 (147873)

I just had tarsal tunnel surgery along with ankle biopysies of the synovial membrane and achellies release.The doctor said my tarsal tunnel area was closed tight and had engorged veins where the valves quit working.This has been going on for 5 years it is bilateral.I also have impingement disease in my shoulder and wrist could this be a systemic problem if so what would we look for.My doctor removed the cast 2 weeks post op and gave me a splint with a ace bandage to wear he wants me to exercise the range and motion and weightbear with no support I feel this is rushing and asking for problems.Am I wrong or is this the right way after my type of surgery.I was unable to stand and walk for 5 years more then an hour a day I've beeen wheelchair bound for the most part except to use the restroom for 9 months.What I don't want to do is weightbear to soon.The doctor and I are at odds because he's not using any support walking cast etc.What is your advice I've waited to long for this to become a failure and get rsd.I was told for 5 years I didn't have a foot problem.Thanks Rhonda

Re: tarsal tunnel surgery

Ed Davis, DPM on 3/26/04 at 22:58 (147903)

Unsure how you have been told for 5 years that you did not have a foot problem? Your surgeon is taking a fairly aggressive approach but you can only do what you can do activity wise. Has he prescribed physical therapy?