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physical therapy??

Posted by Deb D on 3/27/04 at 18:33 (147976)

what is the reasoning behind having PT for PF & TTS, besides stretching the archilles?

Re: physical therapy??

Rose on 3/27/04 at 20:37 (147981)

Deep tissue massage, which is very painful, is very healing and helps scar tissue sznd the general healing. It has worked wonders for me.

Re: physical therapy?? to Deb

Bud on 3/29/04 at 10:26 (148058)

Deb, Be careful with the PT and deep tissue massage with PF. It can also cause a great deal of pain. It never did anything but aggravate my PF. I did find a massage therapist that specialized in PF massage. She did help somewhat ,but her massage was a gentle soothing technic with relaxing music. I still go to her every now and then.


Re: physical therapy??

Carlos N. on 3/29/04 at 15:00 (148074)


I agree with Rose. Deep massage is great for loosening up the calf muscles and other areas that need some relief. It was beneficial to me to see someone trained in Muscle Release Technique by Michael Young. It gave me knowledge about my problem areas in my lower legs. Now I just have to stick to the stretching exercises so I stay limber and I'm waiting on some new custom made orthotics. Wish me lot's of luck.