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my experience of plantar fasciotomy surgery

Posted by DARLENE S on 3/28/04 at 17:51 (148010)

i had surgery 12-9-2003 on my left foot for pf. it has turned out to be a total nightmare. even tho my heel pain is no longer there, i cannot put any weight bearing pressure on my foot from the middle all the way down to the toes. when i step down it feels like i'm stepping on pure bone. also my toes have spread apart about a half inch from each other. does anyone know what this is? and can it be fixed? i'm desperate. i have been unable to work since my surgery because my job requires constant walking and standing.
thanks for any help

Re: my experience of plantar fasciotomy surgery

Dr. Z on 3/28/04 at 19:37 (148020)


What has your surgeon told you the problem is ?