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Posted by Scott R on 3/28/04 at 23:59 (148028)

A fundamental tenant of law is that defendants be able to face their accusers. It's more ancient and fundamental than trial by jury, and probably second only to knowing what you're being accused of and being able to respond to accusations. So i think you should email Dr. Z your contact information so that he has the opportunity to legally defend himself against your accusations. I think the FTC, FDA, and his medical board are the more appropriate channels for your crusade, especially since they can provide protection for you by conducting their own investigation and utilizing their own legal resources. I am as uneasy about heelspurs.com being used as a policing force from an anonymous source against a seperate website as i am about it being used for false advertising.

Re: Elliott....

Dr. Z on 3/29/04 at 00:40 (148030)

The best protecton for Elliott is truth. So he should have no fear to provide me with who he is by mailing Dr. Z his contact information.
I also think you have this inside out . IT will be Elliott that has made the accusations so that will make him the defendance since you are playing lawyer.

Re: Elliott....

Scott R on 3/29/04 at 06:59 (148033)

Maybe i shouldn't make it sound like something between elliott and Dr. Z since http://www.eswtusa.com has about a hundred doctors listed as participating and it's not (at least technically or physically) Dr. Z's practice. I noticed something weird: it take you to a different website if you don't include the http://www .