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Tired, Achy feet w/orthodics STILL!

Posted by EKC on 3/29/04 at 08:56 (148038)

Im on my ~4th pair; after 1.5 years w/these, I am better, but
STILL have tired / achy feet. They got rid of the PF thankfully.
These orthotics are truely custom made - soft, cork, full length.
So... do I need to get them adjusted yet again? Why cant
I walk more than 20 min w/o getting tired, acy feet, which
radiate up my calves????!!! Note: I have HIGH arches, I am
not overweight. Was a PF suffere for 6 years. Gave up on docs
after 2nd failed surgery. I only wear Berks, New Balance.

Re: Tired, Achy feet w/orthodics STILL!

Carole C in NOLA on 3/29/04 at 18:15 (148093)

What would happen if you walked 10 minutes every day for a week, then 20 minutes every day for two weeks, then 30? Maybe after having PF you need to work back up to your former level of activity more gradually.

Birkenstocks and New Balance are very good shoes. :)

Carole C