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Heal Plantar Fascitis!!!

Posted by Ben w on 3/29/04 at 11:29 (148062)

Please Help anyone...
What a great forum! Lets see if it helps any.
Well here is my story......
It all started about 8 months ago. I (used to ) run about 2 or three times a week for three or four miles each run. I have been using new balance 1020's for about three years. Well one day I was reading an article about new 'great' running shoes and i was really intrigued by a pair of asics...so i bought them. I had a 5 mile run after a couple of milers to loosen them up. I did notice that the arch supports in the shoe were higher than what i was used to... Once i finished and while i was running i felt a sharp pain towards the arch of my foot near my heal, but i thought nothing of it. I have had small injuries in the past and they have always gone away (i have been running for about 16 yrs now). I am now in my late 20's and have this stupid injury that will not go away!!!! Anyway, after i finished the run i still felt the injury in my foot/arch. The next morning i felt it real bad! And since that time it has healed a little, but every morning it still hurts!!! I have tried stopping running for three weeks point blank...no help still hurts! PLEASE anyone ADVISE!!!! This injury is soo anoying!!! Should i get a heel brace? arch support? Ice my feet more ? what??? see a doctor???

Re: Heal Plantar Fascitis!!!

SteveG on 3/29/04 at 11:42 (148064)

Ben - you should read the heel pain book on this site - it will dicuss the nature of the problem, treatment options, etc. If, after reading the book, you have any questions, let us know.

Re: Heal Plantar Fascitis!!!

Mark S on 3/29/04 at 21:30 (148109)

Dude - Stop running NOW! You don't want to screw around with PF. Read this site 'cover to cover.' You can take certain comfort in knowing that by being athletic you'll probably get over it much faster than the typical pf sufferer.


I gave myself a nasty case of it last october while marathon training. It healed much slower than the case I had 10 years earlier. Just tonight I'm taking tenative first (running) steps. Did a half mile with no pain. Next week I'll bring it up to a mile. And so on. I got a guaranteed NYC marathon entry for this year so I'l doing it all by the numbers.

But if you try to run in pain you'll only f-yourself further. So stop the running, and do other types of cross training (no stairmaster yet, BTW).

ICE, arch supports, anti inflamatories, stretching, and even a night brace. I did all this. The most effective treatment has been time and patience.

Do NOT even think of running again until you've had ZERO symptoms for AT LEAST a month.

Re: Heal Plantar Fascitis!!!

Will B on 4/05/04 at 20:34 (148456)

Yeah. I was a runner too, and very active. So ... I changed to just working the body out in the gym. Dont run at all for now. See a podiatrist.

Re: Heal Plantar Fascitis!!!

John on 4/12/04 at 13:25 (148765)

I agree with Mark S, to add I would make sure there is no more scar tissue left in your fascia. Until the scar is tissue has healed and been worked out you could still have problems.

Re: Heal Plantar Fascitis!!!

allisons on 4/12/04 at 20:57 (148792)

following my last marathon, i made the mistake of continued running with pf. this is the one injury i was not able to 'run through.' several cortisone injections by a podiatrist in the heel provided only temporary relief. my persistent pain was finally alleviated through ~25 sessions with a physical therapist experienced with pf. stretching the calf is critical. i would recommend purchasing a 'step stretch,' which stretches the calf more evenly than simply hanging the heel off of a step. i have finally resumed running--gradually picking up my mileage-- after many, many months of recuperation. this is a humbling injury that must be respected. good luck.

Re: Heal Plantar Fascitis!!!

Will B on 4/13/04 at 23:39 (148838)

Well, I can see my PF and Achilles problem is light years past what you guys have had (I think). I mean - were talking about no (0) possibility of running 100 yards without unbelieveble mind boggling, teeth and brain locked numbing pain tho the point of passing out. It's past pain, past tears. It's in another dimension, I can manage (barely) with stretching, ice, heat, and unltrasound and adjustments with the chiropractor. It's interesting, and I would want to know what Dr Z or the other nice pods think about this. When I get the metatarsal release, and heel release. I get nearly 95% or so relief for about two weeks, then it comes back. But for those two weeks my foot stucure fells nearly normal again. All of the pulling and strain is gone. All of the compensation of the toe area and ball of the foot is gone (compensation from orthotics and heel lifts). I have had much better lock with the Chiro and PT ther than I ever have with the medical feild. Notwithstanding - the ESWT (dornier) has had absolutely no effect as of yet. Im still hoping though.

But running? No way for me. It's a dream.