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how to deal with heel spurs

Posted by Cheryl B on 3/29/04 at 12:47 (148066)

I have been having terrible pain for 2 months now . thought it was plantars but now they x-ray shows mulitple heel spurs. I am in so much pain it is all I can do to walk at all. right foot only . I have also already had two surgeries on this same foot for mortons nueromas, do you think that is any thing to do with why I got heel spurs?? have been on vicophren no relief, gotten the shots in the heel, no help, wear a cast boot most the time, no help and now going to ortho . I know they dont like to do surgery on spurs but I am so miserable I need help . I have the orthodics and heel pads. no help. do ou have any suggestions on how to deal with the pain or make them go away with surgical help?????pain is not just in heel it radiates to whole foot and up the heel. x-rays look good except for the heel spurs. thank you for your time . I cant deal with this pain much longer. I have two jobs a nurse and a bartendar that I ahve to be on my feet all day and night sometimes, and cant afford to get different jobs so that is not a solution.

Re: how to deal with heel spurs

dr ben pearl on 3/29/04 at 19:27 (148101)

Some patients do well with Z-coil shoes with jobs involving prolnged standing. Eswt is a consideration for those that can take some time off to recover

Re: how to deal with heel spurs

cheryl B on 3/30/04 at 06:30 (148115)

can you tell me what a z-coil shoe is exactly??never heard of it. would love for them to do that new treatment out that does not involve surgery but the HMO of course wont cover it so you are basically out of luck with that step!! thanks for your help.

Re: how to deal with heel spurs

dr ben pearl on 3/30/04 at 06:57 (148116)

a spring is on the heel! I have no financial relationship with the company- the data is not conclusive but I have seen positive results.
put it in search engine

Re: how to deal with heel spurs

Marianne on 3/30/04 at 14:00 (148139)

Can plantar fascia release lead to more foot problems, shifting of weight/load, in the long run? I have to have a tendon repaired Friday and the doctor was going to do this at the same time.