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Foot pain while exercising

Posted by cathy p on 3/29/04 at 16:58 (148087)

I have pain on the complete bottoms of my feet when I walk for exercise, but mainly in the arch. I walk from three to four miles almost every day. The pain is not totally unbearable as long as I wear my athletic shoes and my added Dr. Scholl's arch supports. If I have on a different pair of shoes, like sandals, i can't even walk 100 yards without foot pain. My family practitioner thinks it is just arthritis, as I have arthritis elsewhere. I have begun taking one OTC Aleve with breakfast and one with supper on a regular basis and this has helped, but not completely. I also take glucosamine 1500 mg daily on a regular basis and this has not helped at atll. What do you think is causing this and can you recommend a better insert that the one I am currently using?