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what helped me the most

Posted by pala on 3/29/04 at 19:05 (148097)

what helped me the most are foam sheets with stickum on the back that i tear off in smaller pieces and put in my birkenstocks to customize my shoe. you can remove them and experiment with placing them and they still stick. but they don't stick so much that you can't take them out.

it is like my own custom shoe that i can adjust constantly. all the podiatrists and doctors i saw and all the orthotics and afo's i got , the doctors ran out of patience after a while with constantly needing to adjust them and i eventually just threw about two thousand dollars worth of orthotics away.

i think this foam works so good for me because i can easily adjust many , many times. and then, things change and my feet slowly improve and i need to adjust again.

they come in yellow, pink or green for varying softness or hardness. my p.t. gave them to me, but she has relocated and i cannot find them anyewhere. the stickum wears off after a while and they fall out of the shoe and i would like to know if others have tried this and if they know where to get them. i have enuf to last for a whie but i want to plan ahead.