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review of Bite Orthosport sandals

Posted by IanJ on 3/30/04 at 11:36 (148132)

This is my review of the Bite Orthosport sandals that allow for custom or over-the-counter orthotics ( http://www.biteshoes.com/orthosport/index.htm )

I have had PF in the arches of my feet now for a year and a half. My right foot is pretty much healed but my left foot heals then flares back up frequently.

I found out about a year ago that wearing over-the-counter orthotics (first PowerSteps then SuperFeet) in running shoes WITHOUT SOCKS seemed to help my feet a lot. But, alas, feet sweat and without the socks to soak the sweat up...leads to smelly. Lots of foot powder helped. Plus my coworkers gave me some pretty weird looks. So I switched to sandals, and that helps a lot. I don't get as many strange stares from my coworkers as I live in California and work at an Internet company. The problem with sandals is that I have to rely on the footbed of the sandal since, up until now, you could not put an orthotic into a sandal.

The Bite Orthosport changes that. They do it by putting an unobtrusive lip on the front and back of the sandal.

So now I've been wearing these sandals with my SuperFeet orthotics for over a month now. I'm fairly happy with them. The leather upper seemed top rigid at first but it quickly softened up. Also the uppers have neoprene under all the leather to prevent chapping but that makes it a bit tricky to get into and out of the sandals. I can't just step into them. I had sandals before without neoprene under the leather and I developed corns on my toes so I think the neoprene is necessary.

I really feel my left foot is getting better. I still put in foot powder 1 / week as all sandals can smell after a while.

Re: review of Bite Orthosport sandals

ldoukas on 4/24/04 at 13:03 (149477)

Does the leather top peel back to put in the superfoot insoles?

I have custom orthotics, full foot, a bit thicker than the superfeet (which I had before) and I'm wondering how they fit inside the sandal - on top of their leather upper or under it?

Where did you buy your Bite sandals? Were they 'off the rack' or custom?

I'd appreciate any info you can give me - THANKS!