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Spenco polysorb crosstrainer inserts

Posted by William on 3/31/04 at 07:01 (148172)

MY foot and ankle orthopedic doctor gave me spenco inserts to try for tts and they are soft and cushy but do not relive my pain. Are these junk?

Re: Spenco polysorb crosstrainer inserts

Richard, C.Ped on 3/31/04 at 10:48 (148183)

All they supply is cushion. The foot must be in, or as close to a neutral position to decrease stress. I would highly suggest custom, but of course, it has to be made properly.

Re: Spenco polysorb crosstrainer inserts

Will B on 4/07/04 at 12:43 (148532)

What type and brand of both material/brand/company contitutes a proper custom othotic in your opinion? Meaning, regarless of the doc, is ther a brand, or material, or company that is used for custom othotics that are really good (better than most in your opinion. Given that there are literally thusands of these (or perhaps hundreds). It can be enornously dauting for the average PF sufferer to find out what is good, and what is not. I think most of us want to know

1. What are the better over the counter orthotics
2. What company/ies provide the better custom orthotics (perhaps a list of about 5-10.

*The reason I ask this is because if and when I set up my local PF website I could use that info.

Re: Spenco polysorb crosstrainer inserts

Richard, C.Ped on 4/08/04 at 09:11 (148585)

That is the million dollar question. There are soooooo many types of materials out there. I LOVE EVA. That is my opinion though. To me, it is so much easier to fabricate. It gives wonderful support, and provides cushion at the same time. It is very easy to adjust and modify as well. Some may think that it is not a good functional orthosis, but that is baloney.

On occasion, I do make the hard plastic type. I almost always put good cushion on it, never leather. Leather, IMHO, will tend to make your foot feel as though it is sliding on top of the orthosis. I have learned that there are very many people that can not take the hard support that the plastic provides. I wear the hard plastic and LOVE it. I have made it for others who could not get used to it at all. It is a judgement call.

As for OTC, I actually do not use much of that, but, I think power steps are excellent. The type of patient I see needs the custom due to their biomechanical condition. I could easily sell cushion insoles, but I dont.

The majority of OTC stuff is just cushion. If someone has just tired achy feet, that might work. For PF or other conditions, you have to get down to the root of the problem as to why it is there.

I hope that helps.

Re: Spenco polysorb crosstrainer inserts

Will B on 4/14/04 at 00:31 (148840)

Yes. Thank you, that did help. Basically you are saying that custom orthotics is the way to go to try to correct and heal your condition. Perhaps when the condition is corrected, or get's better then one might migrate to the power steps, or just use them in other shoes you have to augment the custom orthotics. I think I will look into custom. Thanks for the suggestion.

Re: Spenco polysorb crosstrainer inserts

Peter Alexander on 4/15/04 at 07:44 (148944)

Surveys have shown about equal satisfaction with custom and OTC orthotics. For that reason I have been using OTC -- considering the difference in cost, unless you have an extremely severe case, I think it worth while to try SuperFeet or PowerSteps or even Dr. Scholes (I like the sports inserts) before going on to custom orthotics. Of course, I've been stalled at a point of some improvement but short of recovery for some time, so maybe I'm all wrong, too!