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Big thank you to Richard, C.Ped

Posted by Jamie on 3/31/04 at 11:18 (148186)

Its been a couple weeks since ive been wearing my new orthotics made by Richard and these things have made a huge difference. My other orthotics prescribed to me by my podiatrist were providing a little support to my arch but were lacking in a major way. I was lucky enough to find out that i live in the same town as Richard so i dropped by and saw him a couple weeks ago and he had the orthotics ready the next day after a mold of my foot was made. He also took alot of his time out to answer each and every question i had about my foot. Honestly, i think the guy knew 10 times more than my doc did. He knows things about the foot that nobody has ever told me before. I also noticed he was one of the most honest and down to earth people ive met. Richard treated me more like a friend than just another case of Plantar Fac. I just got back from a vacation yesterday that i did alot of walking on and i feel like these orthotics made a big difference in me walking around with little to no pain at all. I did not realize how much support i was not getting with my other orthotics made by some lab far away that took like 3 weeks to get to me. He has just been easy to work with and very helpful to me from the get go and it is really appreciated. Thank you Richard.

Re: Big thank you to Richard, C.Ped

Suzanne D. on 3/31/04 at 11:38 (148187)

Good for you, Jamie! How fortunate for you that Richard is in your town, and you found him via this website.

Richard, my great-grandfather was a traveling shoe salesman, I've been told. Too bad you can't be a traveling CPed, going from state to state and staying a few days each place while you fix everybody up with just the right inserts. There are enough of us here who've 'met' you to match you up with clients in many parts of the country!

Jamie, I hope your feet feel better with each passing day.
Suzanne :)

Re: Big thank you to Richard, C.Ped

Carole C in NOLA on 3/31/04 at 14:13 (148197)

That is wonderful news! Glad to hear that your orthotics are working well and that Richard was so helpful in person. Somehow, I just knew he would be. :)

Carole C

Re: Big thank you to Richard, C.Ped

Richard, C.Ped on 3/31/04 at 16:03 (148203)

:'> Wow! That was awesome Jamie. You made my day! (the check is in the mail)

Seriously though (seriously?? what does that mean?? haha), it was my pleasure. I treat everyone like a friend that has money. just kidding!!! See.....I dont think I can be serious!!!!

That is really good to know. I was wondering where you were. Let me know when you would like me to 'fix' the old orthotics for ya.

Now if I can just get you to stop calling me 'sir'!!!! haha

You guys should see Jamie...he is huge (muscle wise)!! I don't want to make him to angry..I dont want my butt kicked. lol

Re: Big thank you to Richard, C.Ped

Richard, C.Ped on 3/31/04 at 16:06 (148204)

I actually do travel for orthotics. I go to Pinehurst North Carolina quite often. I have patients in Florida and Georgia as well. If anyone is nearby, I will gladly see ya. I need the business!!! I am still paying the hospital bills from when my son was in NICU for a week!! Ahhhh!!!