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orthodics for plantat fascittis????

Posted by char on 3/31/04 at 11:47 (148188)

I have had P.F. for 4 years, srill in much, much pain.
My doctor has had me in hard orthodics for the past 4 years, beginning to wonder if thats why I'm not getting releif????
What kind of orthodic do you recomend???
Need help with this, it's putting me on the couch, that's how bad the foot pain is.
Help need all advice

Re: orthodics for plantat fascittis????

Suzanne D. on 3/31/04 at 13:06 (148194)

Char, from all I've read here, and also from what I've experienced myself, some people cannot tolerate hard orthotics. So much has to be addressed as to the patient's particular needs, it is impossible to say over the internet what kind of orthotic would be best for you. But if what you've had for four years has not helped you, I think it would certainly be time to see another doctor or perhaps a certified pedorthist (CPed) in your area. They specialize in making orthotics, sometimes from a doctor's prescription, and sometimes from their own examination of a patient, from what I understand.

Also, as I mentioned in my post to you in answer to your question about Birkenstock shoes, it would be helpful to you to read The Heel Pain Book. As I'm sure you are aware, there are other things to do to help your pain besides the orthotics or shoes which you wear.

I hope some of this helps you!
Suzanne :)

Re: orthodics for plantat fascittis????

Richard, C.Ped on 3/31/04 at 15:50 (148202)

Hi Char,
I do not usually put someone in a hard orthosis if they have severe plantar fasciitis. Now a huge athlete that I know can stand the support, yes, I will use a hard orthosis. I would have used a softer material but something that could give the correct support. You must support the fascia to keep it from stretching everytime you take a step. If you are interested, you can try this link to find a C.Ped in your area. You can talk to them about what should be used. I would suggest talking to a couple of them in order to get the most information.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions after speaking with them. They may or may not ask for a consultation fee for talking to you. Find that out before you make an appointment.