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Which type of tts is best?

Posted by James C on 3/31/04 at 19:07 (148215)

My POD performed tts on me in Feb. I was told that he totally cut out a section of the tendon from my ankle down to my heel so that it would not grow back together. He said this would cause a problem with scar tissue if it were togrow back.I have read on other sights that they just cut the area and let it grow back together. He did the same thing on my partial pf release. I can feel pain down the top of my foot where the nerve runs to my big toe.I can also feel pain that I did not have on the outside of my foot and the bottom where the fascia is still attached.My foot on the outside ankle area feels like a sprained ankle since I've started walking on it.I am just wondering if one way is better than the other because I am going to have to do it on my right foot sometime.I am experiencing alot of tingling in the foot even after the surgery. It has not stopped hurting up my calves or in the pf area.The amount of time that I can spend on it has not gotten any better since the surgery