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Plantar Fascitis Surgery

Posted by Tommy S on 4/01/04 at 19:08 (148274)

I had the ESWT surgery for cronic plantat fascitis in dec. of 2002. It did not work at all. My new doctor said it was because the inflamation had grown into the tarsal nerve. So, he did a partial on my plantar fascia along with the tarsal nerve release in october of 2003. I am still in more pain than prior to surgery after 6 weeks of a cast, 4 weeks of physical therapy, and 4 weeks of e-stem. What gives? Can I go ahead and assume my surgery did not work, and if so, what next?

Re: Plantar Fascitis Surgery

Dr. Z on 4/01/04 at 20:39 (148275)

Hi Tommmy
More pain then before the foot surgery is possible if you are on your feet alot. What kind of pain do you have and when do you have it?

Re: Plantar Fascitis Surgery

Tommy S on 4/03/04 at 10:56 (148353)

My pain is only after being active for a while. The pain is always in my heel, in the same location as before the surgery.