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new heel pain

Posted by scott n on 4/01/04 at 23:21 (148283)

I am getting a lot of pain in my heels I never have felt before.
I started running a month ago, and now I can barely walk. The pain is on the underside of the foot from the inside to the center. I don't want to mess around with gimicks, surgery, or NSAID's because all that didn't work on my arm problems (radial tunnel). I was thinking about the shockwave therapy and wonder if it is a gimmick too, or is there something there?
Thank you,


Re: new heel pain

BrianJ on 4/02/04 at 09:20 (148293)

Scott --

Please listen to your body and try rest and frequent icing. Read the Heel Pain Book, which will give you a lot of good information. Don't even think about running again until your pain has been completely gone for several months. Then, start with very short distances and gradually extend your runs IF there is no pain.

Re: new heel pain/ Brian that was good advice

Bud P on 4/03/04 at 00:40 (148344)


What Brian told you is the best advice you could get.PF is unlike other injuries where you can work through them. I continued to walk and jog on an incline thinking it would go away. But after acouple months it became chronic. The problem is that it hurts at first then the fascia stretches and you feel good working out. Cosequently what happens is the fascia tears. Then you do the same thing over and over becuase it stops during the workout. Next thing you know you're in this boat up a creek without a paddle.Three years later and thousands of dollars and the pain is still there Fortunately for me I finally had EPF surgery and seem to be better. It's been almost 5 months. I'm not jogging or doing squats. But I am able to walk a few miles everyday or go shopping etc. Sorry I went on and on. I wish I could have got that advice.