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Really sick pun

Posted by Bob G on 4/01/04 at 23:29 (148284)

Glad you are doing better, Necee, the weather is great here and I'm no longer in foot pain.

I just came upon a pun that is really sick:

Marathon runners with bad footwear suffer the agony of defeat.

Re: Really sick pun

Necee on 4/02/04 at 08:07 (148287)

Thats really cute Bob, thanks for sharing.
Glad to hear that you're no longer having foot pain. Sometimes that road to recovery can be a long and rough uphill battle, and it's so nice to hear from those who have recovered from PF.

Happy trails to you......


Re: Really sick pun

john h on 4/02/04 at 09:30 (148294)

or as Yogi Berra would say 'when you come to a cross roads, take it'.

Re: Really sick pun

Suzanne D. on 4/02/04 at 11:08 (148300)

:)) As they say, laughter is the best medicine! :))

Glad you're having good weather and no foot pain, Bob.

I can't say the same about our weather here in KY; it's been raining and quite cool all through our spring break from school this week. But the farmers need the rain, and it will warm up before too long. After all, it's April!

But, my feet are doing pretty well, so I'm thankful for that!

Suzanne :)