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4 months post tts surgery update

Posted by Margie B on 4/02/04 at 09:52 (148296)

I had surgery Dec.5,03 and have found this site so helpful and encouraging during the difficult months. I had surgery on my left foot and the incision is well healed. I don't have the burning, stabbing pain anymore,(thank God) but when walking it sometimes feels sore. I am also being treated for plantar fasciitis in that foot. (I originally had pf before I was diagnosed with tts.) It's been discouraging to heal so slowly from the surgery and now deal with this heel pain.My pod is having me stretch aggressively and I'll be fitted with orthotics next week.
I had to go on medical leave from my 1st grade teaching job in Sept. and will probably retire in June. I'm a bit young,(57) but I'm applying for disability retirement. I can't stand for more than a few minutes without pain and the tts symptoms in my non-surgical foot are increasing as I walk more. Have any of you had surgery on just one foot and the other foot with tts symptoms get resolved without a second surgery?
Lauriel, I'd like to hear from you since I read you also are dealing with plantar f. now and had surgery a while ago.
Margie B.

Re: 4 months post tts surgery update

lauriel on 4/02/04 at 15:45 (148318)

Hi Margie, glad I got on the board today, I am still having problems with the PF in both feet. My arch is throbbing right now! I do a lot of stretching and avoid the shoes that make it worse. I think I posted that even some good tennis shoes like Brooks and Avia have aggravated my PF because they are too stiff thru the arch. I only have TTS in my left foot. luckily none in the right. My pain is in the arch of my foot. I use frozen water bottles and massage the area. I also do an excercise that you take a towel on the floor and try to bunch it up with your toes. my PY taught me that. Some people here have said that excercise makes it worse. I did at first , PT said because my foot muscles were weak and that what was hurting until they got stronger.

I also use something called footsavers they are half round balls that you do foot reflexology with, here is the web site below. you can find them under products. They really help


As for TTS surgery - glad to here you are doing well, I think you will continue to have some pain and will be less and time progresses.

As for orthoditcs, dont know if you read my post from a few weeks ago. But mine were so painful and I had to demand that the perthodits adjust them, he wanted me towork thru the pain and I said no way, since he took off some of the arch, they feel; much better. hopefully your perthodits or podiatrist will have you lay down and make a cast of your feet vs pressing your feet into foam. more success this way.

My very first orthoditcs helped my TTS pain for about 2 years I think once you get properly fitted with orthotics with the proper shoes may keep your TTS pain to a minimum on your other foot.

good luck!


Re: 4 months post tts surgery update

Margie B on 4/03/04 at 20:51 (148374)

Thanks for the tips about the towel exercise and using a frozen water bottle. My pod has me using a rolling pin on the fascia and pressing & rolling just until it hurts.I'll check the site you mentioned for the foot reflexology balls. I did read your recent message about orthotics and I'll keep that in mind. I'm pretty sure my doc. uses casting. My heel pain is less just stretching a lot this last week. My main concern the last couple days is my right foot (I had tts surgery on the left) and the tts symptoms that have flared up. I'm back up to 2100mg. Neurontin after cutting way back to 900mg. I'm feeling pretty discouraged and depressed. It just helps to say it here to people who understand.