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Yahoo Search

Posted by john h on 4/02/04 at 11:18 (148301)

I was doing a Yahoo search for something and came across a post I made on Heelspurs in 2000 about ESWT at Dr. Z's. Wonder how this got there?

Look at item #9


Re: Yahoo Search

marie on 4/04/04 at 18:07 (148398)


Search Engines pick up on all kinds of things. Every once in a while I type in my name or a family members name and it's amazing what I find. There are several articles about me or that my name appears in that come up....Some were so long ago I can't imagine why it's still available.

When I want to see what my son is up to at his college I type in his name and sure enough articles will pop up that either have his name in it or photos.

We have found several old friends that we lost touch with in college just by typing in their name.

If you type in Dr. Ed. Davis at Yahoo....you'll find some of his posts here. I even typed in Peter R and came up with heelspurs posts he made.

Have fun...marie