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podiatry surgeon in St. Louis

Posted by Kirk C on 4/02/04 at 18:03 (148322)

Several months ago, Jennifer S posted that she recommends using a podiatry surgeon, and that she knew a good one in St. Louis. I would appreciate the name of a good St. Louis podiatry surgeon, given that I have been diagonsed with TTS. Many thanks in advance.

Re: podiatry surgeon in St. Louis

marie on 4/04/04 at 18:09 (148399)


Try this link. It has many doctors registered there. I have been in contact with them recently and seem pretty reliable.

best wishes marie

Re: oops

marie on 4/04/04 at 18:11 (148400)

Oh......I'm sorry i posted the wrong link....I'll have to look for it.

Re: podiatry surgeon in St. Louis

Dottie W on 6/15/04 at 10:36 (153055)

I would recommend Dr. Allen jacobs @ Central West End Foot Care. He is a caring doctor and really understands the struggle of the TTS patient.