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Great releif for P.F.!!!!!

Posted by char on 4/02/04 at 22:22 (148335)

After months of great pain, I went to a certified orthopedic doctor.
I got these new softer orthodics, he put them in Brooks tennis shoes (addiction walker) my feet never felt better, I left his office had instant releif, you would not beleive it. I still can't I will actually go walking in the morning, first time in 4 months, I'm so excited I can scream, no hurting feet tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found out I had a pump bump on my heal, putting strain on my A.Tendion, causing my P.F.
Then was sent to this great guy who designed my new less rigid orthodics, they feel GREAT!!!!!

Re: Great releif for P.F.!!!!!

Richard, C.Ped on 4/05/04 at 07:56 (148413)

woo hoo!!! Thats great char!

Re: Great releif for P.F.!!!!!

RACHAEL T. on 4/06/04 at 22:36 (148498)

Char-what material is your new orthosis made?

Re: Great releif for P.F.!!!!!

Will B on 4/07/04 at 12:22 (148529)

That's is great. I had a doc try to put orthosis in my new brooks and it 'clearly' made the evironment way too tight. The brooks alone are good for me.

Re: Great releif for P.F.!!!!!

Will B on 4/07/04 at 12:29 (148530)

Actaully the orthotics from here http://www.orthofeet.com ,were given to me by my podiatrist. You can't order them onm the web or find then in stores. But you can find a pod that dispenses them. I use the ones made for diabetic feet and take the inserts out of the shoes before putting them in. They feel great as they mold yo your the natural shape of your feet.