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DR Z Nerve test results for tts

Posted by Tony Frary on 4/03/04 at 11:54 (148356)

Dr z my nerve test results came back with only minimal irritation to the tibal nerve in the tarsal area. My neurologist says this test is very accurate and was wondering i have no tinels sign, minimal nerve irritation and mri shows tenosynovitis of Flexor Hallucis tendons.as well as Flexor digitorum tendon and i was wondering if i should do surgery. My symptoms include inner ankle pain only with NO NUMBNESS OR TINGLING. i DID HAVE A BUZZING feeling in inner ankle but that subsided after i had thehard cast removed. What do i do!!!!!!!!!

Re: DR Z Nerve test results for tts

Dr. Z on 4/04/04 at 15:23 (148387)

Please rate you paion level on a scale fo 1-10 and how this pain is effecting your life style. In additional what makes it feel better and what makes if feel worse.
The reasoning I am asking you these questions is that surgery in this area has a change of makeing the condition worse of no better so it is very important to access the risk benefit relationship and answering these questions can help you make this decision

Re: DR Z PAin scale lifestyle change

Tony Frary on 4/04/04 at 17:49 (148392)

My pain is about a 7 and is constant. It is more pronounced upon weightbearing as i can only stans for about 15-20 minutes before the pain really sets in more. I was in church today and i had to stand on my good foot to alleviate the pain from the bad foot/ankle. This condition has really affected my lifestlye in the fact i cannot do my job and it baswcially is persistent everyday. My docor says the success rate is 50% and i am 33 yeras olsd with a family and do not want to see myself as a gimp the rest of my life. What would you reccomend as i feel the pain 24/7 yet i can sleep through the night without any problem, but it has definitly changed my life becuase im not as active because of the pain. My neuroloigist says he would not do the surgery and give it at least a yeart. So far i've been out of work and have had it for 7 months. What do i do!!!!!!!!!

Re: DR Z PAin scale lifestyle change

Dr. Z on 4/04/04 at 18:54 (148403)


Here is what I would do. First of all I am not sure it this can be done with your foot, but I will look into this . There is a technique that I have been investigating called Cryogenics. It is where you freeze sensory nerves. I am not sure it is can be used for your specific case but I will investigate this procedure. I have plans to start to use this procedure in the next 30 days.
First again I need to know the exact procedure that they want to do for you. I will then contact the company that I am working with to see the experience that they have had with this. I will be in touch with the pain management specialist that deveolped this technique. I didn't want to announce this yet until I had all of the information. So let me know exactly what surgical procedure has been recommended. Where do you live.?

Re: DR Z PAin scale lifestyle change

Tony Frary on 4/05/04 at 11:04 (148418)

Dr Z,

Thak you for your response. I was told by my Foot and ankle orth that he would be going in the inner ankle area to 'Free up the nerve and clean up the tenosynovitis in the FDL&FHL tendons' He did not mentoin a specific name for this surgery,yet with 50% success i really do not want to do it. Also i live in Rochester, NY between Buffalo and Syracuse. AS i stated in my previos postiny my nerve test done by a neurologist showed Minimal nerve irritation of hte tibial nerve and said he would not suggest surgery in my case. I am at wits end as i have tried almost everything except accupuncture. Thanks DR Z for your expertise.

Re: DR Z PAin scale lifestyle change

JudyB on 4/05/04 at 15:09 (148435)

Dr Z, what would be the advantages of Cryogenics? Hasn't this been used for other procedures?