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Pregnant with PF

Posted by Kristie on 4/03/04 at 17:20 (148366)

My husband and I are thinking about having a baby. I was wondering have any of the ladies on this sight have had PF while they were pregnant? I was wondering if the added weight cause any more pain?

Re: Pregnant with PF

wendyn on 4/03/04 at 22:10 (148378)

Kristie, pregnancy weight gain will likely make PF worse. Make sure you're not going barefoot (I would make a joke out of being barefoot and pregnant but my head hurts!)

Re: Pregnant with PF

R C on 4/05/04 at 12:39 (148421)

Well, I'm a guy, but I can tell you that extra pounds can make a difference. I know this because the one setback I had in my long recovery from PF was caused by carrying my 27 pound toddler halfway through a mall.

Congratulations for your new 'tax deduction.'

Re: Pregnant with PF

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/05/04 at 14:19 (148425)

PF can get worse with pregnancy for three reasons:
1)extra weight
2)shift in weight bearing/center of gravity
3)most important: the hormone relaxin -- this is the hormone responsible for allowing the pelvis to spread by relxing pelvic ligaments. It also allows the ligaments of weight bearing joints to spread and, as such, more strain is placed on supporting structures such as the plantar fascia.
It is not uncommon for patients to go up 1/2 to 1 shoe size with each pregnancy.

Re: Pregnant with PF

EKC on 4/08/04 at 08:04 (148582)

I am 5 months pregnant and in my 6th year of PF. Fortunately, the last 18 months of PF have been good. I'm getting better, but very slowly. We put off having the baby for ~2 years; in which time I had 2 surgeries, lots of drugs & Physical Therapy. NONE of it did any good. Anyway, my advice to you is stay off your feet when you can. YOu will find you dont need to grocery shop or walk the airport on your feet (use the cart!), you dont need to go to Walmart (havent been in one in > 2 years), and swimming keeps you sane. Stretch your feet before you get out of bed in the morning and keep your ankles strong by doing ankle circles w/weights on. THis is the routine I have followed for ~18 months and it is the only thing I can say that has helped me. Having spent MANY occasions in a wheelchair because of my PF, I can HAPPILY say I am up to 25 min walks around the block now.