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Pain in lateral side of left foot

Posted by Rick C on 4/03/04 at 23:56 (148383)


I am a long distance runner. I normally run 35-40 miles a week. I have never experienced any foot troubles or injuries in the past, in fact, for as many miles as I do run (570 so far this year) I am remarkably injury-free. Two weeks ago I competed in a marathon and finished with no noticeable foot, ankle, knee or leg muscle injuries. However, as I began to return to running after a 4 day lay-off I began to experience a moderately sharp pain that was centered in the lower middle of the lateral side of my left foot. I took 3 more days off. Yesterday (Saturday) I ran about 2.6 miles and felt a very slight strain, but no pain. I decided that it would be best if I didn't overdo it and so returned home (total run was 5.3 miles). At the end of the run I had no pain; however, about an hour after my run was over I again had pain but this time a little higher up my foot, but still at the middle of my left foot's lateral side. Today I did not run, but I still have had light pain in the foot.

I plan to lay off any running at all for the next week and swim instead. My questions are; 1) what's wrong with my foot, 2) what can/should I do to help the healing process, 3) is this injury serious enough to see a doctor, and 4) is a week's rest enough, or should I rest longer?

Many thanks for your assistance.


Rick Carlsen

Re: Pain in lateral side of left foot

Dr. Z on 4/04/04 at 16:32 (148388)

IF sounds like the lateral plantar fascia band is inflamed. Same therapy af pf but on the outside.. May also be on of the intrinic tendons. I would see a podiatrist asap to get an exact diagnosis now before if beocme serious and prevents you from doing any long distance running

Re: Pain in lateral side of left foot

Rick on 4/04/04 at 17:49 (148393)

Many thanks! I'll see a doctor this week.