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Why has no Dr.answer me.

Posted by Barbara N. on 4/04/04 at 17:12 (148390)

I posted this message a few days ago I see there has been Dr.'s on here answering others but no one has answered me on neither board.faceing surgery in a few days
Posted by Barbara N. on 4/01/04 at 21:01 View Thread
I need to know what the healing time is for the following things to be done to my foot durning surgery.reputered ligement,heel spur,and removal of ganglins all on the same foot.How long should it take for me to be able to return to work my Dr.said two months I think this is a long time .I have had a lot of surgerys and it has never taken that long to get better.But I was not a diabetic then either.My sugar is well under controll I take no medication for it I controll it with food.please let me know what you think would be the earliest I might be able to return to work.and how bad is the sugery I'm faceing?
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Re: Why has no Dr.answer me.

Dr. Z on 4/04/04 at 18:47 (148401)

Hi Barbara
Sorry about that if you don't answer a question when you first see it then if leaves the most recent posting section.
So here goes.
Healing time for pf release and excision of bone spur can be done with many different techniques ie open vs mininial incision approach. Healing can take a very long time. Pain can last from a few weeks up to six months and sometimes up to one year.
Going back to work will depend on the type of job you have. If you stand alot it could take two months or more before you can stand eight hours per day without pain or wanting t sit down
Foot surgery takes alot longer to heal due to the nature of weight bearing.

Re: Thank You Dr.Z

Barbara N. on 4/04/04 at 20:30 (148404)

Thank you very much for the answers to my questions as I work in a school with handicapped students in pre K.I do get to set a lot I work a six hour day.But some days I'm up and down alot on my feet and walk short distances around the room or hallways.usely not more than 10 minutes on my feet at a time.and I get to set with out any getting up for one and a half hours stright will the children nap.I hope to be back to work by end of the First week Of May.My surgery is on the 7 of April.What does pf stand for the Dr said I would be cut on the side and back of my foot.Thank you again for helping me to relax my nerves and mind

Re: Thank You Dr.Z

Dr. Z on 4/04/04 at 21:17 (148405)

PF stands for plantar fasciitis. Did you doctor say you will be in cast, need to use crutches. You are having alot of foot surgery. You may need to be out of work for two months or even more. Very difficult to be precise with any type of foot surgery especially since I am not sure of the exact type of surgery. Can you be out of work for over two months?

Re: Thank You Dr.Z

Barbara N. on 4/04/04 at 23:06 (148408)

Yes I can be out of work as long as need but finically I need to work I can stand 4-6 weeks out with no problem but after that i need to get back to work.No the Dr.said I will have no crutches and he said nothing about casting either.I just know he said I would only be able to stand long enough to go to the bathroom and thats it.He said nothing else.I did not even know I had a rupter in my foot till I went for pre opt.testing and they told me that was one of the things that was listed. The Dr. had told me that I might have a problem in the nerve area from where the gangligs are he never said anything about a rupture any where I just know everyday the pain gets worse and now my other foot is starting to bother me a lot I think it is from allways puting my weight on it most of the time.thank you again for your time and information

Re: Why has no Dr.answer me.

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/05/04 at 14:40 (148430)

I did not find your post of 4/1? Glad to see Dr. Z has repsonded.