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I cant walk!!

Posted by Jen A. on 4/04/04 at 21:59 (148407)

I am an avid exerciser and have been for many years. Running has always been my weakest point(endurance), but recently began interval training on the treadmill to improve my stamina. I ran for 30 minutes random hill and speed. I felt great, no problems. I even wore my orthodics that were prescribed by a podiatrist.
My problem began later that night(last wednesday). The pain when I walked was unbearable! It is not in my heel, but on the lateral side of each foot, with the right being the worst. On the right foot, the pain travels up the side of my foot into my ankle area. My ankle feels like it needs to 'pop'. Similar to an elbow that you straighten out quickly to pop the joint.
So, here it is on Sunday and I still have great pain when I walk. It is less, but still very painful. Could this be plantar facitiis?
I also have occasional mornings with pain regardless of exercise. Please help!

Re: I cant walk!!

Steve G on 4/04/04 at 23:32 (148409)

Jen - you need to see a pod ASAP. If this is PF, it has a pretty unusual presentation. It may be due to some sort of tendon problem, but you need to see a professional to get a) a clear diagnosis and b) a treatment plan.

Re: orthotics

sandy h. on 4/05/04 at 09:35 (148414)

My guess is your orthotics are tilting your feet to much outside and you need to get them adjusted.

Re: I cant walk!!

john h on 4/05/04 at 10:12 (148415)

See your Doc ASAP but I wold drop the orthotics until you see him. Did you just recently start wearing orthotics? If so for what condition? I sometimes wonder if my first pair of orthotics did not contribute to my chronic condition. Orthotics that do not fit can lead to various conditions and worsen your condition.

Re: i just saw my podiatrist

Jen A. on 4/05/04 at 13:19 (148424)

Well, I have tendinitis...in both feet! that makes me wonder. I did have a case about a year and a half ago after a car accident. That is when I got my orthotics and wear them religously.
My concern is that I have it in both feet. He said that I must have injured myself when running on the treadmill, but I recall nothing. Besides, I think if I twisted my ankle while running that I would have flown off the back of the treadmill. Either way, he gave me an injection of Cortizone in my right foot. this is not my ideal treatment, b/c I do not think that cortizone is an effective long term treatment. He also said that I cannot exercise for a while(b/t 1-3 weeks...he kept changing the amount of time off i needed). That is the hardest part for me since I am an exercise physiologist!
He looked at my orthotics and shoes closely. He commented that I may need a new pair of shoes soon, but thats all. Hoping for a better, more homeopathic answer. I am not big on the needle in the foot stuff. Thanks for your comments.

Re: I cant walk!!

RACHAEL T. on 4/05/04 at 17:01 (148438)

Hi Jenn - I too, couldn't walk & had not only heel pain -- but overall soreness & swelling in my feet which included extreme soreness on the outside of my foot - which also made my ankle feel like it needed to 'pop.' Eventually, it did pop - but it took forever....I 'twirled' my ankle as an exercise both directions & did 'windshield wiper' movements with my ankle...that helped....but I must say - it took me a long, long time to get full range of movement in my ankle....& periodically now, even tho', I have full movement - my ankle pops -- usually at night time when I am relaxed & doing the 'twirls.' And, yes, I've had PF - umpteen cort. injections, 1-ESWT, & PT x 2, pills, & several different prescription orthotics....I am presently wearing w/ success Dr. Kiper's SDOs...in my Brooks Ariels Shoes & also in other shoes upon rare occasion. Wishing you & others on this board -- better foot days! I am much better after 3 years & lots of treatments - but I continue to 'budget my feet' & have changed my lifestyle....I too was jogging on a tread mill as well as riding probably 10 horses daily all my life...so I think rep. stress had alot to do w/ it!

Re: Thanks a bunch!

Jen A. on 4/05/04 at 19:57 (148451)

I have to say that I have gotten great advice here. I went to healthboards.com and didnt seem to get as much response....but I did get banned for mentioning another website! ARGGG.