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Elaine - your exercises

Posted by chrisb on 4/05/04 at 11:37 (148420)

Elaine I hope you're progressing well. A couple of posts ago you mentioned that after your stitches came out you started doing foot exercises daily. Can you describe what the exercises are?


Re: Elaine - your exercises

Terri on 4/05/04 at 18:42 (148442)

Hi Chris! I haven't seen Elaine post for almost a week now. Hope all is well with her.

I can tell you my dr had me start by using my big toe as the 'point' and writing out the alphabet, twice a day. That's all I did for a week, then he sent me to p.t. Sounds kinda silly, but it sure loosens you up.

Re: Elaine - your exercises

Elaine T on 4/05/04 at 19:21 (148446)

Hi Chris, I've been waiting to have my dr's visit before coming back here (see my post)

Here's my excercise. Sitting up, crossing my operated leg over the other leg, and using ONLY the ankle, not the leg, do the alphabet A-Z with my ankle. He said that uses every muscle in the ankle. Plus flexing the ankle up and down to prevent stiffness.

How are you doing, Chris? How long has it been now? How's your swelling?

Re: Elaine - your exercises

chrisb on 4/06/04 at 09:31 (148471)

Thanks to both of you for the exercises.
My swelling is oh sooooo slowly improving Elaine. Now its pretty good as long as I have it elevated except it turns red, then purple, if I have my foot down for more than a very few minutes. On the other hand, a week ago my toe was swelling up as well and painful, so things are improving bit by bit. Patience is the hardest part of this, isn't it?
Other than that I'm pleased with my recovery. My foot feels better, I am wiggling my toes more strongly than last week. I'm hobbling down the hallway to the bathroom on a cane now, not the walker. So really i'm putting quite a bit of weight on it. there's a numb spot on my heel and it feels odd, like walking on a folded sock (except I'm not) but its not painful and thats the main thing.
My stitches come out tomorrow (3 weeks post-op). then I hope to start pool walking (except unfortunately I may have to wait a few more days until I can put my foot down for long enough to do it). Likewise driving. If.
And stairs, I'm going to try stairs. I'm going to have to. Moving back home where the bathroom is 3 flights up.
I won't know whether this has worked until I can try walking 100 yards, and thats not going to be next week for sure. But I'm cautiously optimistic at this point.
Keep on trucking.

Re: Terri has the same exercise as I do

Elaine T on 4/06/04 at 11:00 (148474)

I've been doing the alphabet for two weeks now, and he wants me to continue it for another three weeks, at which time I go back to him.

Chris, I still turn colors if my foot is 'down' for too long, so I tend to still keep it elevated. I still have some swelling, it doesn't go away very quickly.

I can't wait to hear from you today after your stitches are removed. I hope you tell him about your big toe and numb heel.

Yesterday I told my dr. that last week my heel was so painful I could hardly walk, and that's why I needed more Darvocet. He said that was pain was normal, and should not come back.