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Just back from my four-week post-op check up

Posted by Elaine T on 4/05/04 at 19:19 (148445)

I'M DOING GREAT!!!! My surgeon is very pleased. He took out his darn little hammer to check the nerve, and I did not, repeat, did NOT feel pain in my big toe - ohmygod. I still have the usual TTS numbness and pins/needles, but he says that's all going to take time, at least the tinel(?) sign is gone, GONE!!

He wants me to get a pair of clogs, because now that the swelling has gone down enough to wear shoes, he doesn't want anything that touches the incision. I'm to still go easy on the walking, he says too much of it will cause swelling, but he's like me join the YMCA and start swimming, and join their water arobic classes so there will be no pressure on my ankle or my knees.

I'm to continue doing my exercises, and flexing. My calf has lost 2 cm in mass, so he wants me to tie a can of soup to my foot and do lifts when I'm watching TV.

I'm so pleased, and for the first time feel confident that the TTS will go away. Even if it doesn't get completely better, I'm not sorry I had this surgery. I told him about all of you, and he thinks it's wonderful that this place exists.

Re: Just back from my four-week post-op check up

Deb S. on 4/06/04 at 13:45 (148481)

Elaine: I am so pleased to hear you are doing so well. What great news to hear someone has had positive results with surgery! I am so very happy for you!

I've been doing some research on the Internet since my nerve conduction series last Friday, and I have come to the conclusion that I don't have TTS symptoms. I believe I started with an Achilles Tendinitis issue and have worked my way into a repetitive stress/tendinosis condition. This condition will take a long time to heal, but hopefully I won't have to have surgery. I see my doctor this evening to find out the results of my tests; I've also sent him by fax all the information I gathered off the Internet. I'm going to request I be seen by a sports medical professional; I believe my condition is outside his medical expertise. This condition was brought on by doing aerobics in faulty footwear . . . a lesson here, you think?!

Re: Just back from my four-week post-op check up

mary l on 4/12/04 at 18:28 (148780)

How long does your doctor say that the numbness and tingling will take to go away? Had surgery on 3/24 and want to feel some improvement soon. How much is not a lot of walking. I just can't sit still. Never have. Still have some swelling around the incision but my foot has no swelling. Good luck with your continued recovery.