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A Question About possible neuroma...or TTS

Posted by Diana on 4/06/04 at 12:10 (148476)

I had surgery for PF last summer and have been healing up slowly, but getting better. In the last month or so I have severe pain in the outside front of my foot that goes from the top to the bottom. It is located close and including the 3rd and 4th toes. It is almost impossible to walk at all on that part of the foot without disabling pain all at once. So I have been walking without putting any weight on that part of my foot, actually sometimes on my heel with the toes completely off the ground. Now this is not good for my poor heal that is trying to heal.
The PF surgery was an open release with from 1/3 to 1/5 of a release. It was cut on the bottom. I have some first step pain left and it hurts if I stand in one spot too long or walk too long. The arch is quite painful much of the time. But overall, I think it is slowly healing if I am nice to it. I expect it will be the typical year of healing if I am careful.
What disturbes me is this sudden new pain. It hurts to the point that I literally cannot walk on it at all if I step back in a way on the outside of my foot suddenly.
I appreciate any advice you might have.

Re: A Question About possible neuroma...or TTS

JudyB on 4/06/04 at 12:32 (148478)

Does it burn too?

Re: A Question About possible neuroma...or TTS

Diana on 4/06/04 at 18:03 (148488)