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Tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Posted by James C on 4/06/04 at 22:53 (148499)

I was told that I have tarsal tunnel. The nerve study showed that the right lateral plantar SNAP was absent. All other motor sensory responses normal. The left tibial CMAP is prolonged and the ADQP reponse is reduce <50% of the AH response. I also have bilateral plantar fascitis and bilateral tenosynvitis of the feet and ankles. I do not have any feeling in the inner ankle. The outer ankles cause me great pain when I walk and rotate the ankles. The ankles also crack and pop when I walk or rotate them. I also have pain in both heels. Are these symptoms consistent with tarsal tunnel, or is it caused from the other conditions.

Re: Tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Lara on 4/07/04 at 10:44 (148522)

I don't know, but I wanted you to know someone was reading your posts and not ignoring you. My symptoms were very different, but the range of symptoms seems to be quite wide.

What kind of pain do you have? I'm thinking that might help as some types of pain (burning, tingling, pins and needles, probably some others) are classic nerve type pain (which doesn't mean TTS, but doesn't rule it out). Other types of pain I assume are unlikely for TTS.

Did you post this on the Ask The Doctor board? It's not unusual for someone to ask the same question on different boards - different readers and all - although the doctors frequently come to this board too.

Re: Tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Ann L on 4/07/04 at 22:14 (148568)


I agree with Lara, the symptoms tend to vary widely between different patients. I, like you, had multiple problems with my feet, therefore, my symptoms are likely different than others.

On Feb 16th, I had surgery for bilateral TTS, bilateral plantar faciitis, plus left morton's neuroma and right bunion. The symptoms of TTS and PF were different on my left versus my right foot. The symptoms on my left foot were greater most of the time with soreness and burning pain in the arch and heel, but with my right foot, I had burning pain at the start of my arch by my heel that would become intense after a day on my feet. I'm a nurse, so most of my days at work are on my feet. Both inner ankles were painful, more of a sore, achy feeling and some tenderness on my outer ankles. My left foot and heel were constantly painful, plus the added joy of a neuroma between my third and fourth metatarsal. I did have positive Tinel's and positive NCV/EMG. I am hopeful that my surgery is successful, time will tell. I do see a change so far in the quality of the pain in my feet. It is different (and less) than pre-surgery. I just started physical therapy to strengthen my feet and to teach me how to walk again - I haven't walked normal for a couple years now due to the pain.

It is possible that with you, the TTS is just part of the problem, with the PF adding to it. I wish you luck in your treatment.

Ann L