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Night Splints

Posted by Elyse B on 4/07/04 at 09:05 (148516)

I have been diagnosed with atypical PF on both feet. I have seen a podiatrist and have been fitted with custom orthotics. I have not run in about 3 weeks. My podiatrist has me wearing orthotics 3 hours today, 4 tomorrow and so on. I asked him about the night splint but he said let's see how the orthotics work first. I am also in physical therapy where we are doing ultrasound, deep tissue massage etc. My calf muscles are incredibly tight as well as my achilles. I am trying stretching exercises but am not that diligent with them. My question is, (1) should I buy the night splint even though the podiatrist says wait because I want to be more aggressive in treating it and (b) can you wear the night splint all the time as it stretches out the calf and achilles. I ask that because any kind of passive stretch would be great for me. Thanks.

Re: Night Splints

SteveG on 4/07/04 at 09:43 (148517)

Elyse - A night splint would be an excellent idea for you - given that you have a tight calf and achilles. It is designed to provide the type of long-term passive stretching you mention. I wear mine (Strassburg sock) just about everynight. There are other models discussed and advertised on this site.

Re: Night Splints

Elyse B on 4/07/04 at 09:53 (148519)

Thanks Steve for responding. Do you recommend the Strassbourg sock or the night splint? I am just leery about waiting for a few weeks until the podiatrist prescribes it because I want to be proactive. Of course insurance might pay for the night splint if the podiatrist recommends it. I just think passive stretching is a good thing and is never a bad thing. Do you think it in any way can impair the healing process? Sorry for asking so many questions, but I am new at this.

Re: Night Splints

SteveG on 4/07/04 at 11:52 (148525)

Elyse - You can order the sock online


I like it better than the traditional splint - it's less bulky and easier for me to wear. I have also tried 3 other forms of splint. Some people claim that it bothers their toes. But if it does not work for you, you can order one of other splints on this site. I would not wait for your pod to order one. In fact, you need to attack this problem on as many fronts as possible. I was talking to a pod the other day that agreed that the splint is the best way to perform long-term passive stretching.

Re: Night Splints

Elyse B on 4/07/04 at 11:59 (148526)

thanks Steve for your inpute. I just got another positive posting about the sock. I agree about attacking on all fronts. I don't want to just depend on the orthotics.

Re: Night Splints

Chris I on 4/07/04 at 23:05 (148571)

I believe that my night splint has been responsible for most of my recovery. By keeping the fascia and the calf stretched at night you do not get that brutal morning pain. This means that you are not re-tearing the fascia with every one of those painful steps. The orthotics - if done correctly - can then do their job of supporting the foot properly. This allows for maximum healing and less chance of reinjury. You must still be very diligent though. I am at about 90% now after 8 weeks. 4 weeks of that was as little walking as possible. I can now walk my dogs 2 times a day for 10-15 minutes, stand for half an hour at a time, walk about 6 blocks a couple of times of week and not experience an increase in pain. I am hoping that it is going to improve even more. My doc also said that the more you can wear the splint the better. I also try and put my foot in that position several times a day.

Re: Night Splints

Brad F on 4/12/04 at 18:58 (148785)

I have a barely used night splint for sale. I bought it a month ago but it doesn't do anything for me. Quit using it after 4 or 5 times. My doc says my PF is not traditional. I paid $69 total, including shipping.

Heal Well Night Splint by Clinitex X-Lg, like new! I tried to sell it on Ebay but there were no takers.

I'll sell it, postage included for $40.