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Does Bad Posture Contribute to PF?

Posted by Carlos N. on 4/07/04 at 18:54 (148555)

Yesterday I went to my physiotherapist and after examining me he came to the conclusion that I have some misalignment in my pelvis that contributes to my PF. Other problems include very little flexibility in both ankles, pain and stiffness in my knee and foot joints, and very tight hamstrings.

Conclusion: Bad Posture plus overprontation make my feet and knees hurt all the time.

I'm awaiting some new custom made orthotics. When I get them, will they help with my posture problems? Will they improve my gait? Or will I just get another pair of useless arch supports?

I'm skeptical with regard to the amount of relief I'll get with the new orthotics. I know I have to continue stretching but I'm not making much progress with static exercises so I started doing Active Isolated Stretching which is better.

Re: Does Bad Posture Contribute to PF?

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/10/04 at 11:29 (148645)

Orthotics will help PF if they do two things: supinate the subtalar joint and pronate the midtarsal joint. They can help with certain postural problems. Their utility is proportional to the accuracy of the prescription -- hopefully, you are obtaining them via a professional trained in their use: a podiatrist or certified pedorthist.